By Colin Campbell

Meet Dave Lizewski… average high school student who’s hung up on the girl a few lockers down.. Like any teenager, Dave’s got his own problems being both the victim to ridicule by classmates and the demands of the local muggers while leaving his favorite comic book store. Outside those pages, bad guys are winning while everyone waits for a hero to put a stop to it. So… why not become a super-hero? Because ordinary people can’t, as his friends point out after he makes the casual suggestion… even Batman had Bruce Wayne’s million dollar gear. Then again, one thing Bruce Wayne and Dave Lizewski did have in common was the overconfidence of youth, and it’s enough to inspire Dave to throw together a costume and a name to go with it… Kick-Ass.

Hard to believe this is only the premise, but much like the thrill of being slowly lifted on a roller coaster, it’s enough to get you excited and just as eager to see what happens next. Yet calling this movie a “roller coaster ride” would be unforgivable not just for the cliché but a total lack of appreciation for just how well this movie does what it sets out to do. Rather than using the comic book tradition of earnest training that leads to a series of setbacks and finally success, Kick-Ass finds himself failing miserably with no end in sight.

Unexpectedly, Kick-Ass soon discovers he isn’t the only super-hero in town, and you’ll find no better pair of performances than the father and daughter duo of Nicholas Cage and Chloe Moretz, or better known as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. Like any great comic book movie, each character actually plays two roles instead of one and each manage to produce incredible performances from each.

The movie’s gritty, razor sharp and hilarious dialogue intermingled with sexual references and imagery would’ve easily been enough to demand an R rating, but instead we get a rare look at an uncompromising standard set by writer/director Matthew Vaughn. Violence is on proud and shameless display from start to finish, and in every form from the heartless to the downright comical. The effort invested into bringing the true spirit of a comic book tale to life couldn’t have been done better and easily meets the standards set by blockbuster films like Spiderman, Iron Man, and the X-Men series. More importantly, the essence of hard hits and near misses are a delight to watch and were done with remarkable attention to detail.

In short, when it comes to your eyes and ears, you’ll find that this movie doesn’t pull its punches.