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By Megan Lane

The 2000s were the decade of reality, so how could we not rank the shows that redefined television?  And how could your own self-proclaimed reality TV expert junkie not be the one to do it?


5.  Survivor (CBS):  Survivor defined the reality competition genre, creating most of the rules that now govern these series.

4.  Cops (FOX):  In all the Flavor of Love, Bachelor, Biggest Loser, drama, we so often forget about what might be the longest running reality show of all time, Cops.  It might be the near perfect premise: who deals with the most drama?  The police!  So just follow them around and see what happens.

3.  Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition (ABC):  One of the only shows that’s consciously getting out there and trying to help families.  Say what you will about Ty Pennington and his special projects, but what makes this show great is the local heroes, the hundreds of construction workers out there to help one needy family.

2.  I Love Money (VH1):  It’s The Amazing Race and Survivor combined, but with little strategy, less intelligence and more nudity.  It is FANTASTIC.

1.  The Amazing Race (CBS):  This show has won “Outstanding Reality Competition Show” every year except 2010 and with good reason.  It is a transcontinental game show, the perfect way to mesh the drama of reality while still maintaining some believability.


The Swan

5.  The Swan (FOX):  Women undergo extreme plastic surgery in order to turn plain-janes into super-models.  And it doesn’t end there.  At the end, the women compete in a beauty pageant to determine who’s the hottest.  Seriously, I’m not one to jump on the feminist train, but even I feel like Susan B. Anthony must be vomiting in her grave right now.

Temptation Island

4.  Temptation Island (FOX):  Couples who suspect their significant others of possible future cheating go to an island where a bunch of single people try to seduce them.  Oh, and there’s a professional massage therapist there.  Basically people set up their boyfriends and girlfriends to cheat and then are mad when they do.  Yup, this is gonna end well.

Blind Date

3.  Blind Date (Syndication):  Do the “writers” (and I use that term loosely) think that we honestly believe what’s in those little thought bubbles?  A date can go one of two ways, the couple fights the entire time or they get naked in the hot tub.  There’s no in between.

Average Joe

2.  Average Joe (NBC):  A blond-bombshell thinks she’s the next Bachelorette only to discover her Bachelors are not the tall hunks she expected, but a bunch of overweight shorties with glasses.  The challenges were all aimed at making these perfectly nice guys look like idiots and to make matters worse, halfway through the series, a bunch of hotties were brought in to join the competition.  Gee, I wonder who she chose?

Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

1.  Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire? (FOX):  The first “love” show ever aired received some of the highest ratings in television history.  And it ended like all of its future offspring would, with a break-up.  Darva Conger immediately sought an annulment from the millionaire she claimed was abusive from the get go.  Wow, quite the taste of the future.