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By Megan Lane


Arrested Development

5.  Arrested Development:  This show’s complete self-awareness kept fans laughing even during its premature series finale.  As Maeby pitches her family’s story to the show’s executive producer, Ron Howard, he tells her it would work as a movie, but not a TV series.  If that movie ever gets made, this series gets bumped to #1.

4.  The Sopranos:  One of the most controversial finales of all time.  I hesitated to even rank it in fear of severe comment backlash, but you can’t talk about series finales, much less just series finales of this decade without talking about The Sopranos.  The last five seconds left fans busting at the seams with theories, the most popular being that Tony was capped.  When that many people are talking about the ending, the writers must have done something right…

3.  Six Feet Under:  The finale literally showed us exactly where each of the characters would end up in a way so appropriate for the show, through their deaths.

2.  Friends:  One of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time, Friends gave its huge fan base the ending it wanted and deserved.  Yes we knew Ross and Rachel would get together and yes we knew Monica and Chandler were leaving, but after ten years of loyalty, all fans wanted was a nice, clean wrapped up package.  The only downers were the lack of Phoebe storyline and the abysmal that we call Joey.

Battlestar Galactica

1. Battlestar Galactica: Just as the characters got the new home they were looking for, most of the fans’ questions were finally answered, wrapping up one story and starting another.



5.  Lost:  Until the last 45 seconds, this might have made the “Best” column, and then the writers went to that place we were all hoping they wouldn’t, purgatory.

4.  Life On Mars:  Seriously?  In 2008, did you really think the “it was all a dream” device was going to fly?  The only show to successfully pull that off was Newhart.

3.  Will & Grace:  The use of age make-up cannot ever be trusted, well, unless you’re on Six Feet Under.

2.  The X-Files:  You would think in an episode entitled, “The Truth”, the writers might decide to answer at least one question.

1. Sex And The City: See my article on the most overrated shows of the 2000s.  Most of the finale doesn’t even take place in the freakin’ city (aka New York).  Rather than worrying about their friendships (the entire basis of the show), the finale is all about the men!  We end with Carrie being rescued by Big, not by the girlfriends that were supposed to be her meaningful relationships.  It basically slapped the entire premise of the show in the face.  Oh and the huge reveal that Big’s name is John?  Really?  Couldn’t have gotten a little more creative there?

Sex and the City