As the episode opens it introduces not only a mission, but several characters’ personal sub-missions.  With Chuck still struggling to find the perfect way to propose to Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), he enlists the help of his best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to pull off the perfect proposal, but in true Chuck fashion nothing goes quite as planned.  With his original idea going straight out the window after Sarah kills the mood by telling the story of her parents’ nightmare proposal, it seemed like he had almost given up until they end up at a beautiful French chateau for their latest mission.  With the perfect setting picked, it is just a matter of surviving the mission.

As Sarah, Chuck and Casey (Adam Baldwin) begin their search for a nano chip that had been injected into a bottle of “peppery Pinot.”  It became a bit of a Dr. Suess book as the rhymes and tongue twisters came out in full force when the search for a “Stable on the label and a stork on the cork” began.  If only they had left out the sub-plot of Buy More employee Lester Petel (Vik Sahay) and his parents push for an arranged marriage, which he of course botches in his overall creepiness.  It almost killed the spirit of an otherwise perfect episode.  Even the sometimes over zealous Morgan had quite the charm as a romantic as he assisted Chuck in his proposal sub-mission.  It’s just too bad that the original mission always interrupted the perfect moment.

After losing the perfect opportunity at the chateau, Sarah and Chuck return to the nano chip to General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) only to be sent back to France to cover as rogue agents looking to sell back the chip they just retrieved to the terrorist cell originally after it.  This seems to be Chuck’s second chance but even with Sarah coordinating things with Morgan it doesn’t go quite as planned.  Now that Sarah is going undercover in the hopes of getting Chuck’s mother back from Volkoff and General Beckman sending her deep cover, ultimately killing the moment.

As much as I want Chuck to get his moment, I can’t help but wonder if he ever will, or if he does what will that mean for him as a spy.  Does that mean that this could be the end of him and Sarah or does that mean that the show is trying to ease us into the possible end for the series?  What will come of Casey and Chuck while Sarah is working undercover with Volkoff, and will Morgan become a bit more help in the upcoming episodes since the original three-some is now down to a two-some?  I can’t help but wait impatiently for what will happen next.