Hello everyone!  Welcome to the inaugural Picktainment Live Blog for the Grammys on CBS tonight.  Rebecca Rose here with live updates of all the action, performances, wardrobe malfunctions and drunk-slurred acceptance speeches of the night.  Refresh to see new comments and please join in with me in the comments!  Let me know what you think of the winners, losers and the rash of embarrassing spelling mistakes I’ll be making tonight!

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6:00 p.m. Welcome to the Grammys everyone!  Rebecca Rose here with all your red carpet and live-show action. #grammys

6:02 That’s Donnie Wahlberg??  I thought it was Ed O’Neill.  #grammys

6:04 If Adam Levine gets any skinnier, he will turn into a piece of twine.  #grammys

6:06 “Do you have to close the bathroom door on the bus?  These are truly groundbreaking questions for Paramour, Giuliana.  #grammys

6:07 I realize I missed Lady Gaga arriving in an egg.  Truly my life is more empty for it. #grammys


6:11 People, re: Gaga’s egg.  Per Seacrest “We’re calling it a ‘vessel'”.  For some reason.  #grammys

6:13 Bruno Mars looks miniature. Like a Polly Pocket doll.   #grammys

6:14 They only let people talk to Seacrest for 30 seconds.  Because any longer than that and they will punch him. #grammys.

6:18 John Legend’s girlfriend is dressed like a Christmas present gift wrapped at TJMaxx.  #grammys

6:25 “I feel like I’m changing lives” .  Yes, I whip my hair back and forth now solely thanks to Willow Smith.  #grammys

6:28 “I need more than an inch.”  Best. Seacrest. Line.  EVER.  #grammys

6:30 I would have made a joke about what Miley Cyrus said, but I seriously did not understand one word of that.  What is girlfriend ON?  #grammys

6:32 Nicole Kidman’s Gaultier dress is almost as tightly wrapped as her face. #grammys

6:35 You think Russel Brand banged the grandma?   #shutupkatyperry #grammys


6:38 I always wonder why I don’t find Justin Bieber attractive at all.  Then I realize it’s because I’m not a pedophile.  #grammys

6:43 Rhianna’s see-through furry white Gaultier dress makes her look like a slutty version of a Happy Holidays Barbie.  #grammys

6:45 Jewel still makes music? #whygodwhy #grammys

6:55 Dear Everyone In The Media:  We are not as excited about the size of Kim Kardashian’s bottom as you are. #grammys

7:02 If you’re going to “honor the work of Aretha Franklin”, playing “Freeway of Love” is not the way to go.  #grammys

7:06 Christina Aguilera remembers all the words to “Ain’t No Way ” but not the National Anthem.  Truly the terrorists are winning.  #grammys

7:13 Oh Aretha, you look amazing. *tears* #grammys

7:15 I realize that I should have been blown away by that big performance (aka “I Can Do Runs Better Than You”), but it just made miss Aretha more

7:23 Best Pop Duo or Group:  Train/Soul Sister. HOLY  JEBUS how old is their singer?  He makes Rod Stewart look like Justin Bieber.  #grammys

7:30 Lady Gaga ensures that bloggers will have at least 3 days worth of pointless posts debating her performance, the song, her arrival and her wardrobe.  The Internet should send her flowers on Valentine’s Day.

7:35 So Lady Gaga is a giant fetus draped in yellow membranic goo.  My biological clock just shut itself off. #grammys

7:38 The only people in country music I know are Dolly Parton and Jeff Bridge’s character from “Crazy Heart”.  #grammys #whothehellisthis

7:41 That’s right, Lenny Kravitz, Muse really are the ones making a “revolution”.  You hear that, Egypt? #grammys

7:50 Nearly an hour into this show and they’ve only presented ONE award.  We’ve seen more Seacrest than actually Grammy Awards. #grammys

8:01 Janelle proves you don’t need an egg or flashing lights on your boobs to bring the house down. Best performance so far. #grammys

8:08 Bieber has ninjas in his minions. NINJAS. #grammys

8:11 When you are as despotic as Will and Jada Smith, the entire world has to be forced to sit through your kid’s talent show.  #grammys

8:41 Wait, this is a country music group? I thought Lady Antebellum was a rapper. #grammys

8:49 I love this CeeLo performance more than I will love future children of my own someday.  #grammys

8:52 Chicken Peacock CeeLo is the greatest part of this night. #grammys

8:59 How in the hell does Katy Perry get nominated for any kind of serious award? It’s like nominating a Fraggle for an Emmy award.  Katy Perry hasn’t hit a note YET.  She’d never make it past Hollywood Week on American Idol. #grammys #itwaspitchydog

9:04 See, like I said.  All country music is just Dolly Parton.  Period.  #grammys

9:13 Seth Rogen doing his best Ricky Gervais. OH LOOK AT ME I’M SO IN YOUR FACE WITH MY MILEY CYRUS DRUG JOKES.  #grammys

9:18 Sooo…no one at the Grammys has to stay in tune or hit their notes?? Is this the Grammys or “The Singing Bee”?? #grammys

9:32 This presentation from Neil Portnoy and Mr. Schue is more high concept and de-constructed than a Philip Glass album. #grammys

9:36 Mick Jagger looks like a giant bedazzled green M&M on prom night.  #grammys

9:53 Best Rap Album: Eminem/Recovery Eminem is simultaneously a person who I loathe and want to have a lot of sex with.  #grammys

10:05 Record of the Year Lady Antebellum/Need You Now Did the girl from Lady Antebellum say “We’re so stoned we started walking the wrong way?” No that would actually be something interesting.

10:24 Album of the Year Arcade Fire/The Suburbs HAHAHA  Barbra Streisand doesn’t even know how to PRONOUNCE “suburbs”!  #grammys #thingsrichpeopledontknowabout

OK final Grammy thoughts: Lady Gaga underwhelmed, Janelle and CeeLo won the night hands down, Katy Perry is a ridiculous mess, Lady Antebellum won everything, Eminem is always angry, and ending anything with a rousing performance of “Ready To Start” is always awesome.  Thanks and goodnight everyone!! See you here for the Oscars live blog, two weeks from tonight!!!