Hailee Steinfeld

When thinking about this years nominees for Best Supporting Actress for the Academy Awards, I immediately think of people like Ke$ha and while it may seem unrelated, riot girls who don’t give a darn act as a fantastic metaphor for most, if not all the nominees for Best Supporting Actress.  Frankly, we have a group of bad girl bitches the likes of which the Oxygen channel could only hope to showcase.

Let’s take our first nominee, the feisty and youthful Hailee Steinfeld.  She is the new girl on the block, but who can clearly hold her own in a scene with other Oscar winners.  Although I personally thought the film was embellished and boooorrrrriiiinnnggggg, Hailee caught and held my attention throughout.  Her ability to wrangle in Matt Damon’s over-acting and be the gleam in Jeff’s Bridges curmudgeon, one-eyed walrus, was entirely impressive considering her age.  Clearly a major talent lies beneath those braids and eyebrows, and she will definitely come back for seconds on larger roles that showcase her abilities. She’s not the biggest underdog in the fight, but I predict the performance will fall short of the gold this time around.

Melissa Leo

Moving on to a real life badass bitch, Melissa Leo has been mopping up at all the major award shows – kicking ass and taking names.  She has even gone so far as to take out her own “For Your Consideration” ad.  In the spirit of tooting your own horn, Leo is full blown.   While I agree that her flawless performance in The Fighter was commendable and a standout in the film, I cannot help but feel that the role might have come more naturally than… well, acting. That is not to say that this nomination, or all of the awards are not well deserved.  If anything, her costar Amy Adams seems to get nods for being the same character she always is, but with a different accent.  Leo had to work for hers, and work hard to be such a selfish and boorish B-I-T-C-H.  I would be surprised if anyone else won in but Leo, but stranger things have happened – but only to English people.

Amy Adams

Which brings us to our fourth nominee, Helena Bonham Carter, for her role in The King’s Speech.  The great thing about Helena Bonham Carter is that she doesn’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks about her:  her fashion, her choice in roles, her choice in men…  all scream – I’M NOT HOLLYWOOD!  And for once in the history of the Academy, it would be nice to see someone like Carter get up and say…. Well, we don’t know what the hell she would say, which is why it would be so amazing if she did win.  She is the Johnny Depp of female actors yet she gets no fame or glory because she is not a typical beauty.  She is my favorite to win, but alas, I am not waiting with baited breath.  Although, if she did win, England would make her a Dame, and I think Dame Helena Bonham Carter would be such a good headline for the “Worst Dressed List”.

Helena Bonham Carter

And then there’s the Mother of all bad girls, the ferocious and borderline psychopathic matriarch of Animal Kingdom, Jackie Weaver.  Personally, I think that Weaver’s performance in this was a better – better because her character is worse – version of Leo’s in Fighter.  Animal Kingdom is about a mother who raises not one son with a fatal flaw, but many seriously damaged boys – like lions in the sickest and most primal den ever.  And Weaver is at the helm, licking their wounds with a satin tongue filled with poison.  Weaver’s performance really sneaks up on viewers; slowly revealing it’s teeth.  It’s a shame that the more commercial film will overshadow such a skillful and patient performance, but as they say in Hollywood, “It’s an honor just to be nominated”, I guess.

Jacki Weaver

All in all, this year’s nominees are no-nonsense women who eat nails for breakfast and shit weaklings.  With the exception of Adams, these women are the essence of True Grit… and unlike our Best Lead Actress nominees, these women were honored for performances where they went toe-to-toe with men and shined.  No matter the victor, these women are fierce examples of solid female performances for 2010.

Road to the Oscars Series:

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January 31: Documentary Short Subject – Christa Youngpeter

February 1: Documentary Feature – Rebecca Rose

February 3: Foreign Language Film – Savanna New

February 4: Animated Film – Nate Freiberg

February 7: Visual Effects – Ani Khashadoorian

February 9: Sound Mixing – Dennis Callahan

February 10: Sound Editing – Sasha Mitchell

February 11: Original Score – Adam Spunberg

February 12: Original Song – Adam Spunberg and Savanna New

February 13: Makeup – Katie Mae Peters

February 14: Costume – Jax Russo

February 15: Art Direction – Steve Neumann

February 16: Film Editing – Hannah Depew

February 17: Cinematography – William Paul Jones

February 18: Original Screenplay – Jeremy Martin

February 19: Adapted Screenplay – Sasha Mitchell

February 20: Supporting Actress – Kacy Boccumini

February 21: Supporting Actor – Rebecca Rose

February 22: Actress – Rebecca Rose

February 23: Actor – Kit Bowen

February 24: Director – Adam Spunberg

February 25: Picture – Kit Bowen

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