And so another year has past and Valentine’s Day approaches finding me alone with only my imaginary boyfriend. You may’ve heard of him, Nick Carter? He’s just a nice boy who likes to dance. So while cupid avoids shooting the man of my dreams, I thought I’d take a stab at picking the Top Ten Romantic Comedies. I mean isn’t it kind of a lonely girls expertise? From washboard abs to America’s favorite pastime, love can be found any and everywhere a Hollywood script sees fit…

10. The Wedding Planner

Take a fly girl and match her with a man who by law should remain shirtless and you have The Wedding Planner. Jennifer Lopez, a driven woman gallantly saved by the ever-handsome Matthew McConaughey only to later find out he’s half of the wedding of her career. From only eating brown M&Ms to breaking the genitals off a statue, this film makes all the hard headed women of the world believe one day a hunk will fall from the sky in which she will hopefully be able to win his heart from another.

9. The 40 Year Old Virgin

Sometimes it’s not another person you have to battle for love, but your own awkward ways. Steve Carell went from primetime to household name in this nontraditional romantic comedy. It weighs heavy on the comedy scale but packs enough heart to make audiences go, “Awww…Kelly Clarkson!”

8. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Where all my thick girls at? There are men out there looking for a partner who eats more than carrot sticks so why not make one of the tiniest Hollywood Starlets pack on the cake to show it. Despite Renee Zellweger nonexistent eyes and pinched face, I can’t deny this movies cutesy factor…damn her. Where’s my guy like that?

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Hey, hey, hey it’s Matt McConaughey, again? When you’re that pretty, you’re bound to pop up more than once. A bet lands Matthew and Kate Hudson at the end of one another’s nerves ending with a mad dash (of course) to love. What do we learn and why do we love it? Naming a penis is always hilarious and yup, never bet on love because it’ll always win…in the romantic comedy world.

6. You’ve Got Mail

With email being revolutionary at the time, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan captivated romantics with electronic emotions. Wonder if they used emoticons…

5. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler doesn’t land high on the heartthrob meter, but no woman can deny a man who makes her giggle with delight. I haven’t fallen in love once, so I can’t imagine doing it every day. But somehow with wit, charm and waffles, Adam gets Drew Barrymore in the end; the mind may forget but the heart never does.

4. When Harry Met Sally…

Okay so Adam Sandler’s Playmate of the Year compared to Billy Crystal, but When Harry Met Sally… is a romantic movie weekend necessity. Don’t make me fake it to prove it.

3. The Proposal

Moviegoers proved love stories still make for gold when The Proposal kicked box office ass, but why? A plot we’d seen a million times over with people too pretty for reality. Simple, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It didn’t hurt they added “it” girl Betty White either.

2. Pretty Woman

At five I shouldn’t have wanted to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She was a hooker in thigh high boots addicted only to flossing, but I did. Richard Gere was a dreamy man who took life too seriously and Julia was just the girl to loosen him up. See ladies, all men can be changed, just forget the call girl part.

1. Fever Pitch

Surprised? Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are the epitome of precious in this tale teaming a business lady with a common teacher with one minor obsession; the Boston Red Sox. It has sappy parts for chicks and sports for their guys, so to me Fever Pitch has all bases covered and in the end love can only be defined as sacrificing for another.