The media typhoon of Charlie Sheen and his corner has passed for now. There are finally more important things to cover. But here are the top ten reasons Charlie Sheen will never completely go away and will always continue to win.

Red Dawn – If you grew up in the 80’s this was your first Sheen experience. Brother Matt to the late legend Patrick Swayze, Sheen & Swayze had a brotherly bond that still brings a tear to the man’s eye.

LUCAS – Charlie Sheen is the All American high school senior jock that looks after Corey Haim’s (Respect) character Lucas. Lucas is a classic, nothing less.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – “Boy in Police Station” is usually the type of role that’s NOT talked about 25 years after shooting.

The Wraith – The Wraith is a sleeper that flew under most everyone’s radar, except for mine. Gold.

Platoon – A classic & Best Picture in 1987. Sheen is flawless as a greenhorn soldier in Vietnam.

Wall Street – Bud Fox is a legend. Classic, end of story.

Young Guns – He wasn’t the coolest guy in this movie but for most guys this film is the representative of awesome. The opening alone should be in the Smithonian.

Major League – “Hey Wild Thang you make my heart sing. You walk everything.” The Sheen quotes are endless. “I feel like a banker in this.”  “Sorry Rick house rules.”

Men At Work – Sheen himself calls Men At Work a bomb. Not so fast Sheen. “This is shit man, shit. Do something!” This move is hilarious and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to step out of the world of serious and no fun.

Hot Shots 1 & 2 – I thought Robert Hays was the king of oblivious? Sheen gives him a run for his money in the Hot Shots series.

Rated X is the Honorable Mention because he’s great at being sleazy and incompetent in this movie. The scene where he shows his film and its dark is hysterical!

As reckless as Charlie Sheen sounds these days he has delivered an abundance of cinema classics and moments that will last through the test of time and for that I am grateful.