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This is it! After this past week of “Everybody is a Winner” huggy crap, it’s time to finally find out who’s making it on to the main event. Who were the winners and losers? Let’s explore!

After a bizarre recap of past events set to Beethoven’s “Fur Elise,” the contestants and judges take the stage (including Jennifer, who looked like she stole an outfit straight out of Pixie Hollow) and it’s on to the eliminations.

First up were the boys. Before we get to the eliminations, however, we’re “treated” to a schmaltzy video of all of them talking about how great this experience has been. I think we were supposed to be charmed by this, but I was too busy focusing on the fact that Scotty looks like a skinny Joe the Plumber in his regular clothes and Casey seems more and more like a serial killer the more we’re exposed to him.

But anyway! The video ends, and it’s time to start chopping heads. First up were Scotty and Robbie. Scotty’s deep lady-hypnotizing voice did its job, and he was safe. Unfortunately, Robbie’s couldn’t do the same, and he was send back to the stools.

Next were Clint, Jordan, and Jovany. Despite them all being very talented (well, at least Clint and Jovany, I’m not so sure about Jordan), apparently America hates them all, and they were sent back to the stools as well. Pretty tough first couple of rounds!

Next, it’s time to boot some girls. Again, we get a montage of the contestands talking about how awesome Idol is. More so than the boys, the girls seem like they’re all reading off cue cards. Seriously, every single one of them was serving up beauty queen-isms that seemed very inauthentic. Well, except for Rachel, who got a little too real when she said something to the effect of “Being eliminated would be devastating, because it’s like America saw you be yourself and they were like ‘Pshhhh, nah.”” Eek! Sure hope she doesn’t get eliminated! (SPOILER ALERT: She does).

So anyway, montage ends, and Pia and Lauren Alaina are called. Both of them are judge and fan favorites, so it’s no surprise that both make it through to the finals. Julie and Tatynisa, however, weren’t so lucky, and were sent back to the stools. Shocking! Well, not so much Tatynisa, but I thought despite her epic fail yesterday, Julie would make it through. Oh well, at least she’s pretty. Kendra, Ashton, and Karen followed. Although all gave good performances, it was only Karen that squeaked on to the finals, which I was happy about. She’s talented and seems like a really nice person.

More boys! Casey and Jacob are called up, and both are safe. Duh! The judges and fans have only been raving about them for the past several weeks. Most unsurprising part of the night. Although, it was cute to see Jacob’s family freak out at him getting picked. So yeah, both of them move on to the winners circle. (Side note: Did anyone else notice how Thia kept trying to hug everyone as they walked past? Someone is starved for affection!)

Speaking of Thia! She, Naima, and Lauren Turner were called up. Surprisingly, she was the only one who was safe! I have to say, that genuinely shocked me. Sure, she was one of my personal faves, but I thought America would pass her up in favor of Julie or Kendra or someone. I certainly didn’t think she’d beat Naima, who I also realized is a dead ringer for Xiomara from America’s Next Top Model season 2. Anyone else notice that? No?  Well anyway, Thia and her mom sweater will live another day.

They were followed by Paul and Brett. Paul was selected to move on, and Brett and his Judaica necklaces were sent packing. Hurray! Ok, so technically Paul and Brett are both kind of creepy, but between the two I’d rather Paul and his creepy quiet voice stick around than Brett with his herky jerky movements and wild ginger mane. It’s the lesser of two evils.

Next, Hailey and Rachel, the final two girls. Sadly, anthropomorphized screech owl Hailey was the one who made it through, and as mentioned earlier, Rachel was sent packing. This kinda bummed me out, since you know Rachel is going to take it out on herself SUPER hard. Like, suicide watch-level hard. I worry about her safety, is what I’m saying.

Final two boys! Roomates, buddies, and partners in cute Stefano and James joined hands to await their fate. Again, despite both being judge favorites, it was James, in all his autistic tourettesy glory, who America picked, sending Stefano and his dimples back to the stools.

So, America spoke! Now the only hope the losers have is the judges’ wild card. Randy, Jennifer, and Steven decide to pick 6 people for a second chance. Ashton, Kendra, and Naima are chosen from the girls, and Stefano, Jovany, and Robbie are picked from the boys. Good choices, judges!

First up, Ashton, who delivered a decent rendition “And I’m Telling You,” although it wasn’t perfect. Stefano followed, belting out “I Need You Now.” And dude BELTED IT! Seriously, he did an awesome job. Kendra and Jovany followed, both delivering performances that, to me, were just “ok.”

Finally, Naima and Robbie performed. Naima’s performance wasn’t perfect, but there’s something about her personality that’s super endearing, and the judges pretty much said as much. I thought Robbie also did a good job, and his mom clearly thought so too, since she was having an epic freakout in the audience after his performance.

Deliberation time! Who. Will. Make. It. Through?! The judges needed more time, so we were “treated” to Jennifer’s new music video while they hashed things out. The video was…interesting.  It seemed essentially like a rehash of “Waiting for Tonight” for 2011 with Pitbull added. But hey, at least she’s sticking with what worked in the past. Good for her.

So, the video ends, and it’s the moment of truth! After minutes of shameless tension building and commercial breaks, the judges finally decide to let Ashton, Stefano, and Naima have a second shot at the competition. Yay! Of the 6 wild cards, I thought they were the best, so I’m happy with those choices.

So that’s it! Our final 13 contestants. Some, like Casey, Jacob, Scotty, Lauren, and Pia were obvious, others, not so much. I was also surprised at people like Robbie and Julie not making it through, since they seemed like they were early favorites. So, now that we’re in this thing for real, it’s time for the competition to get serious. I say Scotty, Casey, Lauren, and Hailey are the frontrunners right now, but we’ll see. There’s a long road ahead of us, and we’re just now getting started.