What an upset this weekend as Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch finally fell behind the critically rejected Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules this weekend, which managed a steady $24 million this final weekend of March. The first studio project of Snyder’s, made for Universal, was the impressive remake of Dawn of the Dead, which made just over $100 million on a $26 million production budget. 300 accumulated a colossal $456 million. So it was quite unfortunate when Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole was such a failure and Watchmen indeed only just skimmed by in profit. The latter was hugely rejected by fans of the source material, which is surprising considering Snyder’s uncanny ability to maintain majority of the vision of a graphic novel. However, his cinematic capabilities are nothing to a wretched story, and despite fantastic visual flair, Sucker Punch really was exactly that. It was a sucker punch to his audiences, who expected at the very least a story engaging enough to keep wondering what visual spectacle the next scene would detail, since Snyder is known for remarkable atmosphere. Some graphic novels don’t have proper structure for film, and likely Snyder’s fidelity to the source material was his curse in this case.

The film included a great deal of scantily clad young women, which ultimately dragged the professional validity down and vastly increased disappointment. No atmosphere in the world is going to make up for selling via sex appeal. What is he, American Apparel? Aside from such displeasures, Snyder also has a decent amount of publicity surrounding his teaming up with cinematic superstar Christopher Nolan, director of hugely popular The Dark Knight and Inception, for the upcoming Superman reboot that just cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane today after a gigantic search. However, after the opening day for Sucker Punch, word quickly spread of its regrettably unsatisfactory value. And that, ultimately, is the reason Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules managed to steal first over the weekend.

Neil Burger’s Limitless fell to third this weekend, while Battle: Los Angeles has been all but forgotten. The major ripple in the top box office waters was really the Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel, despite all critical failure and audience rejection climbing to the top of the box office. Didn’t help that Sucker Punch was a letdown. Limitless as a thriller simply wasn’t exceptional. It was average—it hit the top box office at first, and is now slowly declining at the pace of an average movie. There was never much to say about that movie.

Rango has surprisingly dropped beneath The Lincoln Lawyer, faltering against the family movie competitor Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel. Pickings are slim now for decent family movies, and the young audiences have basically grown bored with Rango. Very little of the film was spectacular beyond the familiar names. Even the marketing for the film seemed a bit mellow.

Source Code looks to be a decent competitor this weekend, since after Limitless people are craving a more exceptional thriller, and so far the former film has actually been rather warmly welcomed. It is accompanied by Super, which may take one of the lower seats in the top box office, since despite pleasant feedback it is reminiscent of fellow comic book comedies that ultimately failed such as The Green Hornet and Kick-Ass. It’s something of a doomed genre, since the films never really find their audience, no matter who stars in them—even Ellen Page of Inception and Rainn Wilson of beloved series The Office. Unless you look for it, you have no idea what Hop is even about, but usually plots fly way over the heads of its intended audience. Children’s animation films always make a bundle, and should battle it out for first as Insidious either barely makes the lower numbers or is ignored altogether. Fans of Saw and Paranormal Activity should be slightly intrigued, but ultimately the premise is far too similar to Poltergeist to spark an original flair the way the first Saw did for many horror fans.

1   Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011) $24.4M $24.4M
2   Sucker Punch (2011) $19M $19M
3   Limitless (2011) $15.2M $41.3M
4   The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) $11M $29M
5   Rango (2011) $9.8M $106M
6   Battle: Los Angeles (2011) $7.6M $72.6M
7   Paul (2011) $7.51M $24.6M
8   Red Riding Hood (2011) $4.39M $32.5M
9   The Adjustment Bureau (2011) $4.24M $54.9M
10   Mars Needs Moms (2011) $2.19M $19.2M