Amy Adams a smart choice for the seemingly horrible production of Superman: Man of Steel

This production of Superman: The Man of Steel has been simply lost.   There may be a stroke of genius unfolding before our eyes, but unfortunately I’m siding with the probability that the worst possible Superman movie ever made is going to be released in 2012.  Amy Adams being signed on today to play Metropolis’ Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane is by far the smartest decision thus far by director Zack Snyder (300), and some aren’t even sure of that much.

There’s been rumors all over town about the direction this picture’s going.  Diane Lane playing Martha Kent is no longer a rumor, it’s a final, and how in the hell do they plan for one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood today to don a white wig and act grandmotherish to Clark Kent?  Then, Kevin Costner playing Clark’s father?  One can only assume that Snyder’s take on this is going to be different than we’ve ever seen, and because of the success of his past films we’re letting him take his shot.  Eh, not so fast.

Henry Cavill playing the Man of Steel?  I ain’t buying it.  And then he said he’s taking out the John Williams soundrack?  Alright.  Now I don’t even know a living soul who’s going to be waiting to see this filth.  Forget about forigvable me.  I’m out.

Superman is an American institution.  This film doesn’t belong to the producers, the studios, the rights owners, and ESPECIALLY not the director.  This man doesn’t have the right to take it on and change the vision and make it his own because it’s not his own. It will never be his own… this film belongs to the fans.  Done.  Not arguable, not changeable.  And if Jonathan Kent is in this picture then what the hell was the last movie then?  Just some picture that we’re supposed to forget even existed?  UNBELIEVABLE.

The 25-year old studio heads who walk around with their heads up their asses making one ridiculously stupid decision after another that brings Hollywood closer and closer to its grave is the problem that our beloved Superman is now facing.  Call me crazy, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this picture fails 10 times more miserably than the last one, and they’re going to have no one to blame but their damn selves because they’re nothing short of uneducated, ignorant children.

Might sound pessimistic, might sound down, but I’m a fan, and I have a right to be.  If the decision makers behind this movie would’ve just bothered to listen for one moment to what a fan had to say, then they wouldn’t be in the predicament they’re in right now which has become nothing short of a doomed production.  Who can we call when Superman needs help?