Last night was the first round of eliminations for Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars and it’s no surprise that DJ Mike Catherwood, aka “Psycho Mike,” is the first to put away his ballroom shoes. Of course it took approximately 58 minutes of tape pieces, pro dances, and two performances by Chris Brown to get to that.  And if you’re like me, even though you haven’t missed an episode, you watched the hour long, “The Story So Far,” which aired before the results show. It was basically a repeat of the first two episodes without any filler, increasing the total time spent on DWTS in the past week to six hours.  But let’s get to the results show.

The hour kicked off with a 3 couples, a trifecta of Deep Vs and fringe moving towards the camera to J.Lo’s “On the Floor.” Just when you think they own the ballroom, it looks like they have company the whole new “DWTS Troupe” hits the floor and before you know it, we have “Step Up: Take it to the Ballroom.”  Will these ballroom gang wars ever endYes, in the end the Sharks and the Jets put aside their differences and dance together.

On DWTS the judges scores are combined with viewer votes and in revealing the results this week the stars were divided into the “Athletes” and “Actors,” and then the “remaining men” and “remaining women.”  Also known as “miscellaneous” and a polite way of saying, “we’re not really sure what to label you.”

First up were the athletes, Chris Jericho, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Hines Ward.  Hines and his partner Kym Johnson, who after the judges scores were in second place, are the first to be safe. Shortly after, Chris and partner Cheryl Burke are safe, leaving Sugar Ray in jeopardy, as Len predicted on Monday.

Next was more non-results entertainment as R&B star Chris Brown performed his first of two songs on the show.  The performance started on an alley set with computer generated rain, a fog machine, and a dumpster. Then I’m pretty sure one of Brangelina’s kids yelled out, “Look there’s Chris Brown!” and did an adorable break dance move. Pan to Chris who has left the alley and is now in the ballroom, joined by a flock of dancing mimes.  I didn’t sleep Monday night because Mark Ballas’s mime getup was something nightmares are made of and just when I thought I was safe, Chris’s dancers went ahead and reeked havoc on Tuesday night’s dreams. I know it’s only week two, but I think we’ve reached the mime quota for Season 12.

Then Chris’s mimes were switched out for Karate dancers, followed by guys in pastel suits, before they all came together to break it down on the floor. Later in the show, Chris sang his hit “Forever” and had more creepy backup dancers, but with light up body suits that made for an interesting performance. I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually sing a word of either song, but he can really dance and coming off his window punching Good Morning America tirade, I’m relieved. Thank goodness no one danced to a Rihanna song because Chris might have smashed a mirror ball.

The next group brought to the stage are the “Actors,” Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Alley, and Chelsea Kane. Ralph and Kirstie are deemed safe as expected, and before last night’s “Mime Jive” I would’ve put Chelsea and Mark right with them.  But for once not keeping us in suspense for long, Tom Bergeron deems them safe as well. Let’s just hope for Chelsea’s sake Mark doesn’t try to “push the boundaries” next week.

Then we’re treated to another performance by the new much hyped “DWTS Troupe.”  But first an intro tape piece showing them do their best solo dance moves on freshly hosed down pavement equipped with plenty of puddles to stomp in.  There are three girls, Peta, Oksana, and Nicole and three guys, Tristan, Ted, and Kiki. Basically there is two mail order brides, a set of siblings, an Irish guy, and Kiki.  After pros, like sibling duo Derek and Julianne Hough left to pursue careers in something, it looks like producers are preparing for more of the pros to jump ship.  Even though Ted and Nicole are siblings, at first glance they’re no Derek and Julianne, and if I’m going strictly off names, Kiki is already my favorite newbie. The Troupe gave an impressive performance to “Dance to the Music” that started with them hovering by the judges table for just a little too long, but quickly went into the usual gyrations, dips, kicks, flicks, and the famous flock of birds V formation.

Next was the final two men Romeo and Mike Catherwood, aka “Psycho Mike.”  We knew who was going to be safe between these two.  Although Mike improved, it was no match for Romeo and his partner Chelsie Hightower’s performance, which on Monday Len deemed “the best dance of the night.”

Then we were treated to a video package about the importance of chemistry between the couples.  The way the couples are portrayed in these pieces has just as much an effect on the competition as the actual dancing. I think the most likable couples are Ralph and Karina, Kirstie and Max, and Hines and Kym they also happen to be the current frontrunners and extremely fun to watch.  Not to mention, as an aside, I truly enjoy Chris Jericho’s clothing choices during his testimonials. I give it a week before we see an Ed Hardy shirt on him. Another highlight was Wendy Williams’ penchant for burping and the slight look of disgust on Brooke Burke’s face after Bergeron commented on it.

Speaking of Wendy, she was with Kendra Wilkinson and Petra Nemcova as the remaining women to take the stage.  Kendra and her “chesticles” were safe, as was Petra, who’s disrobing Jive got enough middle aged men to sneak votes past their wives while they weren’t looking. Wendy and her partner Tony Dovolani are also in jeopardy, but not for long.  With the final result, they are the first to be safe, leaving Sugar Ray and “Psycho Mike.”  Although they both received a score of 17 on Monday night, to no one’s surprise Mike was sent packing, making it one of the more predictable eliminations, hopefully getting most of you ahead in your Pools. Unlike Hasselhoff last season, no one really knew who Mike was.  So even if he was a phenomenal dancer it would’ve been hard for him to get the votes.

As Mike said his final goodbyes with some heartwarming comments about his experience on the show and his partner Lacey Schwimmer, the prospect of meeting Britney Spears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! later that night seemed to ease the pain. I mean how could it not?  It’s Britney.  During his final dance, Mike reminded America why they didn’t vote for him, by flashing his Chippendales-like gyrations into the camera.