By Adam Spunberg and Savanna New

The Hunger Games world is abuzz with casting rumors. For those of you who don’t know, The Hunger Games is a futuristic trilogy set in a dystopian version of America, where children are forced to fight to the death on national television. The first in this immensely successful book series, by Suzanne Collins, is now being set to a highly anticipated film, which is expected to rival Harry Potter and Twilight.

We are extremely fortunate to have Gabby Vittoria and Pauline Hughes from The Hob to break down the leading contenders in this heated casting debate. We end our series on casting The Hunger Games by acknowledging some secondary characters who, while just as integral to the story, are often lost in the shuffle: Madge Undersee, mayor’s daughter and Katniss’s friend; Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss’s mother; Caesar Flickerman, interviewer; Greasy Sae, black market soup seller; and Buttercup the cat.

Note: The Hob is one of the top fan sites on the web, and we strongly encourage that you visit their site for more information.

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Danielle Chuchran as Madge Undersee

Gabby and Pauline: Since Danielle Chuchran impressed us in the shorts and has been kind to us at The Hob by granting that interview, we would love to see her be a part of the movie in some way, perhaps as Madge. We think Danielle has great screen presence and a really good ability to express emotion. [In the book], it seems like Madge gives Katniss the ideas of holding on to the place she comes from and staying true to who she is, no matter how much the Capitol tries to manipulate the tributes, and we think Danielle could really pull that off.

Adam: All I know is, I want Danielle Chuchran in The Hunger Games. I’d take her as Glimmer, as Katniss’s mom, as Greasy Sae, Prim’s goat, Buttercup, or even that avox. Actually, I’d really take her as Johanna…but that’s for later. All joking aside, I think she’d be a magnificent Madge. She has a soft sweetness to her face that vibes perfectly with Madge’s nice-mayor’s-daughter persona. If you’re listening, Gary Ross, pick her!

Savanna: Okay, so Danielle Chuchran won’t be our Katniss… Let’s find another way to get this girl into The Hunger Games! I know that many have said Chuchran would be a great Glimmer, but I think she deserves a meatier role, one that will extend beyond the first film. With her blond hair and naturally sweet, wholesome appearance, I really think she could shine as the quiet mayor’s daughter. Madge is a character who, while minor, plays quite a significant part in both Katniss’s life and the rebellion, and a strong actress like Chuchran will keep her from fading into the background and becoming an afterthought.

Robin Wright Penn as Mrs. Everdeen

Gabby and Pauline: [Robin Wright Penn] would make a great Mrs. Everdeen. We know she is a really good actress, so we think she would definitely be able to pull off the detached, depressed woman who lost her husband and had to raise two daughters in poverty and despair. Plus, she has the fair hair and complexion that is described in the book. If they could get her for this movie, we would love it!

Adam: Run, Forrest, run! “As you wish.”

Savanna: Robin Wright Penn is such an effortless actress, and she’s great at conveying the sort of damaged beauty that causes us to feel so much compassion for Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss’s mother. I’d love to see her in the role!

Kevin Kline or Steve Martin as Caesar Flickerman

Gabby and Pauline: The actor portraying Caesar Flickerman has to have charisma for television audiences and also make each tribute comfortable enough to speak to him in front of all of Panem. We definitely think that either Steve Martin or Kevin Kline would have the charm to pull off a “TV host” personality very well.

Adam: So basically, we’re offering the Pink Panther duo. Martin is better at saying “ham-burrrr-geurrrrr,” but I think Kline has more range. We’re never quite certain if Flickerman is all showbiz or actually sympathetic to the tributes. I think Kline can keep us wondering, and that’s a good thing.

Savanna: I could see either Steve Martin or Kevin Kline stepping into the electrically lit suit of the the ageless Ryan Seacrest of Panem, Caesar Flickerman. Both would undoubtedly give us bravado and dynamism in spades. Loving both actors equally, I’ll give Martin a slight advantage here, as his waxen face, like Flickerman’s, has basically looked the same for the last 40 years.

Cloris Leachman as Greasy Sae

Gabby and Pauline: [Cloris Leachman] is a really funny actress. She is older, but still well respected. And we always pictured Greasy Sae as having a little bit of spunk and kick to her personality and think Cloris would be great in that role.

Adam: Leachman would definitely work, or even Joan Rivers. What about Judi Dench (keep in mind…Dench was actually in The Chronicles of Riddick. Yes, she really was!). If not Leachman, Dench, or Rivers, my fourth choice is Abigail Breslin. Fifth: Robert Downey, Jr. (if he doesn’t get Haymitch).

Savanna: On the surface, Greasy Sae may not appear to be anything more than an aged peddler of mystery meat soup, but we all know that there’s a saucy minx lurking inside, just waiting to pounce. If cast, Cloris Leachman would surely bring a delightful, winking spirit to the character that would add a welcome dash of comic relief to an otherwise very dark film.

Crookshanks as Buttercup

Gabby and Pauline: Crookshanks has enough attitude to play Buttercup. Each “role” (Crookshanks and Buttercup) has the cat favoring one human, and both cats are definitely more human in their personalities.

Adam: The way Crookshanks kept going after Scabbers…that cat knows what’s up. I just worry that she’s gotten too big-time after all the fame from Harry Potter. Friends say she talks down to other cats now, lives with a sense of entitlement. Would Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton accept accommodations in a District 12 dump? Better have a good understudy, because rehab could be in Crookshanks’ near future.

Savanna: While I initially thought that Robin Wright Penn might be best suited for this role, having already portrayed one Buttercup on screen, I came to my senses after rewatching The Prisoner of Azkaban and remembered just how gifted a performer Crookshanks is. She’s got that cranky, mangy cat thing down pat. Unless she’s worried about being typecast, Buttercup is hers to lose.

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