For those of you who’ve never seen Make It or Break It before, it is a brilliant ABC Family show about four elite gymnasts as they train for the Olympics. In the past two seasons we’ve seen Payson, Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily battle controlling parents, eating disorders, career ending injuries, and superhot male gymnasts. So far my favorite moment was in season one when the girl fought off a couple of muggers with some back handsprings. That should give you some idea what you’re in for.

Season two ended with a lot of questions. At the World Trials (a necessary step to make the Olympics), Emily is arrested for stealing seizure medication for her brother. Kaylie looses her balance on the beam due and her eating disorder is brought out into the open. Lauren finds out that her father lied to her about her mother being clean, thus preventing her from seeing her mom before she died. Her solution to her anger is to tell the National Committee about Payson’s kiss with her coach Sasha and immediately put him on probation. Knowing he’s failed his gymnasts, Sasha drives off in his aluminum trailer. Yes, he lives in a trailer of the parking lot of the gym.

Season three picks up a month later. Emily is currently on probation and the National Committee is still deciding whether or not she can stay on the World Team. Kaylie is in rehab, refusing to admit she has a problem and being skinny is part of her job. We hear from another patient, Maeve, who is desperately trying to convince Kaylie that she needs to admit her problem. In the group therapy session, Maeve, admits that she used to live on tic tacs and self-loathing. This is the high point of the episode.

Lauren has moved out of her father’s house and in with Summer (her dad’s ex-girlfriend and gym manager). Payson is devastated that Sasha is gone and feels like she can’t ever do gymnastics without him. And Sasha’s only been her coach for two years. She’s been doing gymnastics for like ten years. At least. I get that Sasha helped her come back from her back injury, but seriously, someone needs to remind her that she said the exact same thing in season one when Marty left.

Everyone is trying to figure out who leaked the video of Payson kissing Sasha. Lauren goes so far as to insinuate that it was Kaylie. Lauren’s dad, not knowing his daughter is responsible, declares that whoever did it will be kicked out of their gym, The Rock. Oh, we will definitely be coming back to that this season.

The girls head to Denver for an Olympics exhibition. Emily is forced to wear an ankle bracelet much to her dismay. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her crime. Let’s keep in mind that she was arrested at World Trials. Pretty much everyone in the gymnastics community saw it so I don’t know how she thinks this is a big secret.

At the exhibition, Kelly Parker (the girls’ arch-nemesis) and the rest of the Denver gym are unreasonably favored over our heroes. Even Carter (Lauren and Kaylie’s ex) has transferred to the Denver gym and it appears as if he’s moved onto another underage girl, the evil Kelly Parker. Should someone be putting this guy on

Thank goodness that Austin brought his photographer/gymnast friend Max to the exhibition and is trying to convince him to join The Rock. Max takes a special interest in Payson, but Lauren can’t help but stick her claws in him. After all, it’s a boy.

Back in Boulder, Emily’s mom, Chloe, is getting ready for work (she’s a cocktail waitress in a strip club) when the head of the National Committee shows up and notes that Emily doesn’t even have a bedroom.

Meanwhile, at the party, Max tells Payson he’s been a fan of hers ever since he saw one of her floor routines.

Based on a tip from former coach Marty, Payson’s mom, Kim, finds Sasha at a boxing ring. She begs him to return to The Rock, but he insists that he failed the girls. Emily stole, Kaylie’s in the hospital; they’re better off without them. But why is he boxing?

The next day at the exhibition, the girls and Austin decide to wear leg-warmers in order to hide Emily’s ankle bracelet. Unfortunately, her bracelet is accidentally revealed. Emily freezes, but Max jumps onstage to save the day with…gymnastics of course. Emily then grabs the microphone and tells the entire audience that she’s on probation and loves her mom. Honestly, that really sums it up.

Back at rehab, Maeve confesses to Kaylie that she’s in a model in her third round of rehab. She understands that being skinny is part of Kaylie’s job, because its also part of hers. Maeve resolves to help Kaylie “beat” rehab. Intrigue!

When they return home, Lauren decides to try living with her dad again, Payson resolves that she can become an Olympian without Sasha and Chloe gives her own room.

I will now determine who of our four main characters “made it” and who “broke it” this week:

Lauren: Made it for deciding to work on forgiving her father.

Payson: Made it for deciding to stop dwelling on Sasha and go after the super-cute male gymnast.

Emily: Broke it for making such a huge deal out of her ankle bracelet and for making that stupid speech in the middle of the exhibition.

Kaylie: Broke it for conspiring with the tic tac girl to break out of rehab.

Can’t wait to see what this season brings!