Well, here we are in the early days of March and I am sure many of you were hearing back in early February about Imagination Station’s Kickstarter Project, Detroit Needs a Statue of Robocop. When last checked the public donations for this project was already 29% over its goal. That’s right, I said “public donations.” The city will not be paying for this at all!

We all know of the Rocky Balboa statue in Philadelphia or possibly even the Yoda statue in San Francisco, but were you aware that Stirling, Scotland had a statue of Mel Gibson as William Wallace? There was such an uproar in Scotland that the statue was defaced and removed. I believe Donald Trump now owns it. While it may have been disrespectful to Wallace, it did bring tourists and tourists bring money. People that visit Michigan will likely go to Detroit to see Robocop. This will bring money and will also have tourists seeing the other wonderful things Detroit has to offer. While there is much debate over the validity of this statue seriously being built, it made me think of cities that should start a similar campaign for their own movie icon statue. Here are my top movie icons that cities should petition for a statue!

1.  Chicago: This one was rather easier than I thought, Ferris Bueller. How could the Windy City not have a statue of the beloved Ferris? Ferris is an ode to Chicago, a city that is so great you need to skip school to enjoy all the wonders it has to offer. My vote, a statue of Ferris riding the float singing some Wayne Newton. Chicago does love its parades!

2.  New York: Now we all know there are a plethora of movies that have come out of New York but there are two that seem like obvious choices. The first, Don Corleone. A city that has had strong history associated with the mob and arguably one of the best films ever made should without doubt have a statue of the Don. My second choice, Gordon Gekko. I mean, imagine heading to Wall St. and coming across that statue. Think of the tone that would set for every up and coming Wall St. wannabe.

3.  Seattle: Not much to say hear other than perhaps near the Space Needle, a statue of the possibilities of love featuring none other than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

4.  Washington D.C.: Now we know there are a great deal of political movies that have taken place hear. We know that D.C. gets its share of tourists from all its American history. Now I ask you to think of the glorious pictures that will result from people standing next to a statue of Jack Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessup, you can’t handle that truth!

5.  Boston: Another city who has had many movies take place in. A city known for its grit, raw humanity, and brilliant schools. I am sure you all are thinking a statue of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is a given, right? Wrong, I would propose that just outside the entrance to the prestigious Harvard that there be a statue of Elle Woods. I mean, Boston and Harvard need to lighten up. What says we can be fun and friendly better than Elle Woods?

6.  San Diego: Maybe a city not really know for its movies. There is, however annoying it may be to its residents, an iconic character that every pop culture comedic fan would love to have a photograph next to. Please San Diego, a statue of Ron Burgandy. If you do, we won’t say your name means a whale’s vagina.

7.  Las Vegas: This one was probably my toughest. There were so many great options. The Rat Pack from Ocean’s Eleven? Not needed, there mark is all over Vegas. Bugsy? No, just go to the Flamingo and that’s taken care of. My vote comes down to two choices. Just past Primm, right off the 15, a statue of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau inside the convertible screaming, “Vegas”! Come on, how awesome would that be? Who hasn’t had that moment? My other choice is quite recent. We all know the iconic state this film will have as time goes on, but a statue of the Hangover gang outside Ceasar’s Palace would bring smiles to many faces. Imagine all the pictures of people blacking out a tooth.

8.  Pittsburgh: The Steel City, should be easy for them to make a statue. You may have mixed emotions with a Ben Rothlisberger statue, but a Hannibal Lecter statue, that will bring tourists. I can see the fava beans and chianti restaraunt next to the statue as we speak.

9.  Encino: Now many of you are asking, where in the world is Encino? Located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Encino is a community that with an iconic statue could stand on its own, apart from Los Angeles. Encino needs to start the petition right now for a statue of Brendan Fraser as Link, the caveman found in an Encino backyard. Come on Encino, break away from L.A., you can do it!

10.  Los Angeles: We have to feature the movie making city itself. Hands down the back drop for the vast majority of film. So here is another one that seems a bit difficult to narrow down. The 405 and 101 merger is said to be the busiest freeway in the world. So let the city of L.A. erect a platform that overlooks this section and a statue of Steve Martin saying, “Walk? Nobody walks in L.A.” Perhaps that would cause even more traffic as we know Angelenos are easily distracted. Perhaps an Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley statue at the entrance to Beverly Hills or maybe every pool should have a Phoebe Cates statue.

So Detroit, whatever your decision may be, just know you could get the ball rolling for so many other cities!