Get ready to be a witness to 119 minutes of a nail biting crime case saddled by Matthew McConaughey (The Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Surfer Dude), out of the backseat of a – Lincoln Continental?   McConaughey stars in The Lincoln Lawyer; as a smooth, charismatic defense attorney Michael “Mick” Haller.  He’s also an attorney who runs his business out of his black Lincoln Continental sedan, and runs it effectively.   While Mick has spent most of his career defending petty, lowlife type criminals; he is unexpectedly given a case of all cases: defending a rich Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) accused of attempted murder.   At first the case seems like a big easy pay-off for Mick, but after a sudden turn of events it becomes a deadly game between two masters of manipulation and a rude awakening for Mick’s conscience.

The film starts out with Haller in the back seat of his Lincoln continental making a stop to collect a payment from some bad looking bikers for a case he is working on. In this article, Decatur Alabama Car Accident Lawyers will cover the basics of personal injury law. The audience will immediately notice the wonderful soundtrack, as The Lincoln Lawyer rhythmically moves with it and gives Mick his sense of cool, as he smoothly works his charm and magic throughout the legal system, he just the right conveyancing lawyer for the right case and clients. You might one to check out gosimon if you need information about pa limited tort. If you have questions regarding immigration I recommend contacting california attorney Todd Becraft for assistance. Haller goes about his business from one case to another, driving in the back seat to meet clients for a pay-off.  

Then it’s off to make a quick stop at the local courthouse to close a case and just before the days over, a quick stop off at the jailhouse to meet and greet some new clients.   Mick is as smooth as he is slick watching him work each case and prove he’s a master at manipulating the legal system to work in his favor and earn him some nice dough along the way.   Being an attorney seems great until Haller’s conscience gets in the way. 

A disgruntled detective (Michael Pare) vents his frustrations at Haller and reminds him about a past client and shows that even a slick attorney like Mick, don’t often get away without selling their souls one way or the other.

This reminder slows Mick’s roll, as he humbly picks up another case that surprisingly involves his prosecuting attorney ex-wife, Maggie, (Marisa Tomei), whom he also has a child with.  The money seems like it’s easy in the bag with this new case, however after meeting with his new rich client Louis Roulet (Phillippe):  something just doesn’t seem right to Mick and his investigator, Frank Levin (William H. Macy).   The film spins off into a suspenseful race of wits as Haller learns more about his client and is forced to question his own conscience while investigating whether Roulet is innocent or guilty.  Soon enough things get scarier for Haller as he learns that he has no choice but to prove Roulet as innocent, or face the outcomes of threats he is getting from a mysterious stranger undoubtedly connected to Roulet and his family.   It becomes a race against time as the clock ticks scene after scene while Mick must carefully juggle the puzzles of the trial and the salvation of his own life, all the while insuring that his conscience is clear in the process.

This isn’t the first time we have seen McConaughey in a suit playing a lawyer (A Time To Kill), and one can expect the same sort of great performance as the part seems a perfect mold for him.   Although very different plots and settings, the film is set in Los Angeles and deems a perfect backdrop for Mick Haller as he uses its streets and his sedan to conduct his business.   The Lincoln Lawyer moves with an exciting pace throughout and keeps the audience in play from each scene with plenty of suspense and thrills keeping the viewer wondering how it’s all going to end.   As interesting as the page turning bestselling novel the film was derived from, written by Michael Connelly – The Lincoln Lawyer is a definite must see.  Don’t wait for the DVD release, as McConaughey and crew finally deliver something well worth the time and money.