I’m not going to try and top Jim Rome’s rant on the notion of ‘Top Gun 2’ but I will try to add to it. It was hilarious for the record. The thought of “Maverick” being an instructor at Top Gun and getting back into the cockpit to kick some ass and take some names gets me fired up. Hit the breaks, buzz the tower, and shoot the bird because I’m all in. I’m not going lie about being front row at the opening midnight show of ‘Top Gun 2’ because I will be. Why wouldn’t Bruckheimer and the boys make this? They could profit on the curiosity alone. I actually think they have the potential to make it great if they try. The question is, with nothing to prove will they engage in a sequel?

It’s doubtful. If Tony Scott continues his streak of action packed turds then we’re all in store for the equivalent of a Wired X-344 and a kick in the nuts. Can we get this guy a freakin tripod for just one shot please! I love Tony Scott but can we move on from the handheld seizure we’ve been in for the last six movies. I loved Spy Game, you had the global thing going and it worked. I will say Unstoppable was a step in the right direction but come on man, let’s find Berlin and go chill out for a while and work on some characters.  From 1983 to 2001 Tony Scott didn’t miss and I’m talking some of my favorites. If vintage Tony Scott would show up for ‘Top Gun 2’ then there would be no need for speed.

I love comebacks! There’s nothing better than a surprise comeback. Think how good it would be for Tom Cruise to roll in with Clooney hair and a whole new bag of tricks.  And you could flip it on its ear and have Maverick and Charlie still together. Kelly McGillis, looking like a fine wine with her red lipstick and grayish blond hair, aging gracefully. The dog fighting could be epic if Scott doesn’t go crazy. And I may be dreaming here but if Kilmer went to work and was able to pull off a return of Mr. Iceman it would truly be a cinematic marvel.

It’s a long shot. Everyone seems to be too rich, too far past his or her prime, and complacent about the current level of cinematic immortality they already have. But wouldn’t it be great. Rather than to continue criticizing the thought and predict failure I’m going to enjoy in what could be.  It’s easy to shoot this down and type clever dialogue using Top Gun quotes condemning the idea. It’s much more difficult to step out on the tiny branch of ‘Top Gun 2’ and cheer for the legends to return for one more. When the odds are long and the chances are fat, the gain becomes unbelievable and achieving that should never lose its charm.