Last night the all the stars, minus Wendy Williams, returned to the ballroom for the first ever “Classical Week” on Dancing with the Stars. And just in case you didn’t know Wendy was eliminated, someone in the graphics department got excited and decided to literally rocket her out of the ballroom at the start of the show.

In honor of “Classical Week,” special guests,  rock violinist, David Garrett and mezzo- soprano, Katherine Jenkins are performing with the orchestra.  Leave it to DWTS to make sure their classical guests are blonde. Right away we we’re treated to the violin magic of David , whose biggest style influences seem to be Yanni and Brad Pitt circa “Legends of the Fall.”  David performs, as Peta and Kiki of the DWTS Troupe dance a Paso Doble surrounded by goblets of fire. Kiki can pirouette like no other and if last week there was a lot of fog, with all the Paso Dobles this week, it’s a pyromaniacs dream.

Tom Bergeron informs us that David will be back throughout the show and he’s not kidding.  After every commercial break David is in a different part of the studio, on the stage, in the crowd, on the balcony.  For the audience in the studio and at home, it would’ve been easier just to put him in a striped red shirt, glasses, and a ski cap.  “Where’s David?”

With the orchestra doubling in size, the stars danced to classical music, which proved to be a challenge for some who rely on lyrics to learn their choreography.  And as always some adjusted while others did not. Coming out on top this week is Chelsea Kane, Hines Ward, and Ralph Macchio. Disney girl Chelsea and her partner Mark Ballas manage to move their way to the top of the leader board with a score of 26. They dance a Harry Potter themed Viennese Waltz, winning over the judges despite the “classic” Ballas non-traditional choreography that wouldn’t be complete without a somersault. As Len said, there was a lot of “creeping all over the floor,” but at least there wasn’t any face painting. Just a little “guyliner” and some spells being cast. Of course Bruno loves it.

Following close behind is Ralph Macchio and NFL wide receiver Hines Ward, both receiving scores of 25. Ralph and his partner Karina danced a Waltz that finally brought the “sexy” the judges thought they’ve been lacking.  Maybe it was because Ralph found out she was going to be in Playboy?  All the shots of them killing each other with poison leading up to the dance made sense once I saw they were dancing to the theme from “Romeo and Juliet.”  The performance starts with Karina “dead” on the floor and ends with them both “dead” on the floor.  However the audience is standing, except for Paula Abdul who can only muster up the lazy Paula clap.  Either way Ralph is back.

Hines Ward, who is proving to be the most consistent in the competition, then delivered a passionate Paso Doble that also brought the crowd to its feet, though I think the violin guy thought they were standing for him. From the audiences boos at the judges scores, its clear that they are on Hines’ side, and so is half the Pittsburg Steelers who are in the audience supporting him.

Moving on to the middle of the pack there’s Romeo, model Petra Nemcova, and wrestler, Chris Jericho, all receiving a score of 23.  For Romeo and Chris, who both danced the Paso Doble, it was a step forward. Romeo, fresh off harsh comments from Len last week, seems ready to attack the dance.  And he does with a bare chest and a cropped jacket he unnecessarily removes at the end, whereas Chris corners the market on creepy with some authentic facial hair for his Paso Doble.  The Judges see improvement in his posture and lines and Carrie Ann tells everyone to “watch out.” Yeah, for that creepy mustache guy.

Petra also danced the Paso Doble, but struggled with the attitude the dance requires.  So what does her partner Dmitry do? He sets up a photo-shoot where Petra can channel the rage required for the Paso.  She brings the attitude and once again finishes off her performance by removing an article of clothing. Something tells me Dmitry’s fantasies are overlapping with his choreography. Petra’s Paso makes Bruno take off his jacket and grope himself, but then again I’m not sure that takes much.

This leaves us with the lowest scoring performances of the night.  After tears in the rehearsal package over a hip injury, and coming off her devastating fall from last week (replayed again), Kirstie Alley and partner Maks persevere and perform a problem-free Waltz. Not! Another ballroom catastrophe as Kirstie’s shoe falls off in the middle of the dance, filling at least fifty percent of Access Hollywood’s airtime tomorrow. Kirstie still manages to get a 22, but just to be clear, it had nothing to do with Kirstie and the shoe takes full responsibility.

Next boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard, achieved his personal best scoring 21 for his Viennese Waltz.  His partner Anna is scary, even taking possession of Sugar Ray’s foot. Only a boxing champ fearing for his life would ever be caught dead in blue tights taking a ballet class surrounded by girls.  Although Sugar Ray has problems technically, he is entertaining, and maybe seeing him in blue tights taking ballet is enough to keep him around for another week.

Helping his chances is playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson’s disappointing Viennese Waltz to Jenkins’ beautiful rendition of “Time to Say Goodbye.” The dance earns her a score of only 18 and in Kendra’s defense her choreography was clearly more difficult than Sugar Ray’s, however her execution of it is not successful. I honestly think what hurt her more than her missteps, was the tape piece before where she looks exceptionally dumb. She somehow manages to clearly connect the fact that the song is being sung in Italian to the mafia, and that “Time to Say Goodbye” is something Al Capone would say.  Her partner Louie’s face says it all.

In a competition this tight (and I’m talking Sugar Ray’s blue tights’ tight), consistency is key, and at least Sugar Ray is consistently entertaining. Kendra’s exceptionally bad week makes it tough to predict who will be eliminated tomorrow night, but if you’re in a DWTS pool I think it’s safe to say it’s either “time to say goodbye” to Kendra or Sugar Ray.