It’s “Guilty Pleasures Night” on Dancing with the Stars, which means ballroom dancing to songs that you love to sing when no one else is around. I can’t help but think of the person watching who realizes they have every song that was chosen on their iPod, and not in an ironic way (okay, that person is me). Again the night shakes up the leader board and there’s yet another ballroom mishap for Season 12, that for once it has nothing to do with Kirstie.

In case the audience doesn’t quite know what they mean by “Guilty Pleasures Night,” the show kicks off with a performance by Hanson singing the “guilty pleasure” that is “MMMBop.” I hope the Jonas Brothers are at home watching because this is what they have to look forward to, and I honestly think the lead singer of Hanson, the cute one Taylor, can actually sing. Yeah, you heard me Joe Jonas.

At the sight of Hanson, my 13-year-old self would jump off the couch and scream with excitement, and maybe my 26-year-old self does also. I know it’s been at least 10 years but they honestly sound exactly the same and still don’t look a day over 21.  The oldest one Isaac seems to have gone “formal hipster” wearing a full suit, while Taylor, who I’m pretty sure has about nine kids by now, is more “informal hipster,” wearing some suspenders and a denim shirt. In addition to this performance, Hanson is the “bonus house band” for the night and we’re treated to various snippets of them covering bad songs like “Achy Breaky Heart.” Seriously Jonas Bros., think about it.

Next, pros Lacey Schwimmer and Tony Dovolani blaze out onto the dance floor followed closely by the DWTS Troupe. Lacey and Tony show the Troupe how it’s done when Lacey basically summersaults up and down Tony’s body like it’s a jungle gym. My favorite part is after the song is done; lead singer Taylor is smiling, but his eyes are saying, “I can’t believe I’m still singing this song”

Currently at the top of the leader board is Romeo and Disney star Chelsea Kane, both receiving their highest score so far, a 28. Romeo continues to be consistent and also seems to be living up to his name by dancing a “magical” Waltz to the Titanic classic “My Heart Will Go On,” and parlaying his performance into three kisses (two from his partner and one from Brooke Burke). All the judges love it, particularly Carrie Ann who gives him first ten of the season. Although the dance is beautiful, personally I would prefer a reenactment of Jack and Rose’s “steerage hoedown.”

Also improving further this week, is Chelsea Kane who dances an energetic Quickstep to “Walking on Sunshine,” despite her partner Mark Ballas twisting his ankle during rehearsal, as seen in the slow-mo playback. Chelsea also earns a 10 from Carrie Ann and Bruno says the performance is “so bright,” that he’s” getting a suntan.”

Following close behind is last week’s leader, NFL wide receiver Hines Ward. Hines dances a Viennese Waltz to Boys II Men’s “End of the Road,” and he earns a 27 for the second week in a row. Len and Bruno love the dance, and Carrie Ann gives him a 9 because she says she “sees him thinking.” Len points out the ridiculousness of that statement, but at least Kendra never has to worry about receiving this critique. Hines should’ve got a 10 tonight, and if he keeps practicing at home with pillows and writing out his dances like football plays, he has nothing to worry about.

Towards the middle of the pack are Kirstie Alley, Kendra Wilkinson, and Ralph Macchio. Kirstie and her partner Maks dance a Samba to Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby, One More Time,” that earns them a score of 26. This is three points more than last week and her highest score yet. Len thinks she is fulfilling the potential she showed in week one and Bruno says she delivers “the smoothest Brazilian North of Rio.” Meanwhile, Maks definitely delivers the smoothest chest south of the ballroom.

Removing herself from the bottom of the leader board this week is Playboy bunny, Kendra, who goes all out and dances a Samba to “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” receiving a 25. Kendra is in her element and as she jumps on the judges’ table and shakes it and I mean all of it, she is essentially doing what she does best, workin’ it on top of a bar. Len loves it saying, “The more you gyrated, the more I palpitated.” Bruno calls the dance “DWTS Revenge of the Stripper Part One: Attack of the Killer Boobs,” and then lies on the table and basically propositions Kendra. In case this confuses you about Bruno’s sexuality, Tom Bergeron rolls a clip of his favorite guilty pleasure, which is Bruno dancing in Elton John’s “I’m still standing” video wearing a leotard with studded belt. It quickly clears up any confusion.

Right behind Kendra with a score of 24 is Ralph, and if watching people fall is one of your guilty pleasures, you’re in luck, as he and partner Karina Smirnoff take a tumble on the floor. That’s what happens when you wear a coat with a giant obnoxious train, it’s not just fashion that’s going to get hurt. Karina looks startled after falling early on in their Paso Doble to “Everybody Dance Now.” Ralph keeps it together, pulling her to her feet and the judges commend him for it.  It’s hard for Ralph to portray the sexy and mean character that the Paso calls for, but he does his best and makes Bruno start to feel the fire “down below.”

Sitting at the bottom of the leader board is Chris Jericho with the most disappointing performance of the night. After proving to be a serious contender last week, Chris drops 4 points to a 22 with his Tango to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Even despite his classic Jericho outfit, which is sleeveless pleather equipped with bonus wrist cuffs, Chris just can’t pull it together. In the tape piece the pressure from last week’s high score seems to be getting to him. Chris also pulls a “some of you may not know, but I’m also a musician.” He is the front man of the rock band “Fozzy.” I “Wikipedia-ed” it, they exist and apparently “Fozzy” has put out 5 albums and has toured all over the world. Unfortunately Chris’ music knowledge doesn’t help him with the timing of his Tango. The dance was unfortunate and so was Bruno’s impression of Chris doing it.

“Guilty Pleasures Night” leaves some stars holding steady at the top of the leader board, while others seem to be cracking under the pressure. For those of you who have DWTS Pools, like most of the recent eliminations this one is a tough call. But going by points and projected fan support, I think Chris Jericho may have the equation for elimination. Kendra’s fans have stepped up in the past, and I can imagine her stripper Samba only strengthened their loyalty. That compiled with Ralph and Karina likely getting the “mishap sympathy vote,” on top of his already devoted fans, makes me believe Chris will most likely be out of luck if wrestling fans don’t pick up the phone.