Two weeks ago Chris Jericho was at the top of the leaderboard and seemed like a serious contender to win Dancing with the Stars. Oh, what a difference a week makes. In rehearsals with partner Cheryl Burke, Jericho looked clearly rattled by the pressure to put on a good performance on “Guilty Pleasures Night.” And when it came to showtime, the WWE wrestler had a stiff tango that earned him just a 22, the lowest score of the night. It was two points lower than Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff’s trip-wrecked paso doble, which undoubtedly earned sympathy votes.

In the end, Jericho couldn’t take advantage of two-time champion Cheryl Burke’s teachings, and he was eliminated on Week 6 of the show. The result hardly came as a surprise, and it was predicted by our own Erica Scandariato. Just six contestants remain, and in these final weeks, Picktainment’s Fantasy DWTS game will have 30 elimination points available, instead of the typical 20.