After a night of personal stories, fog machines, and a busted quad muscle (restrain yourself George Lopez), the stars took to the ballroom Tuesday night to say goodbye to Wendy Williams in the second elimination of Dancing with the Stars this season.  With all the stars making steady improvements, on Monday Wendy took a step back toward the ballroom exit.  And of course that step was extremely slow, without a pointed toe.

The results show kicked off with some comments from the judges about Monday night’s performances, which as Len said “shook up the leader board.”  Tom Bergeron lets  NFL wide receiver Hines Ward and partner  Kym Johnson know they’re safe before they give an encore performance of their Samba and to Bruno’s delight we’re all treated to another glimpse of Hine’s hip action.

The first two stars brought to the stage are Sugar Ray Leonard and Romeo, who both received a score of 20 on Monday night. Sugar Ray’s energetic Paso Doble, equipped with boxing gloves, a ring announcer and a punching bag that came out of nowhere, got him better scores this week, while Len thought Romeo’s Rumba was a step backwards.  Luckily for Romeo, if he and his partner Chelsie were eliminated, they would already be dressed for P Diddy’s “White Party” in the Hamptons this summer. However, both Sugar Ray and Romeo are safe.

Next is the first of two performances by One Republic, also known as the band who sings the It’s Too Late to Apologize” song.  It was okay. It’s always annoying when the lead singer has a guitar he barely plays and I hope they were having sound problems or else the lead singer is also tone deaf when he sings the chorus.  Luckily pro’s Lacey Schwimmer and Dmitry Chaplin ran out on the floor, in DWTS’s costumes resembling pajamas, and did a manic lyrical dance with his satin shirt open and her flowing nightgown flapping in the breeze.

Then we get to see footage of the Kirstie Alley and Max “thigh-muscle debacle for the second time and we’re not even halfway through the show. This time the video of the “misstep heard round the world” is equipped with subtitled audio of the moment. I was expecting a lot more expletives from bad boy of the ballroom Maksim Chmerskovskiy.  Instead it was just Kirstie asking if he’s alright, while Max channels the power of the “Deep V,” and dances while injured. Brooke tried to ask Max and Kirstie what was going through their minds at the exact moment their world’s fell apart but Kirstie lets her know she’s not going to seriously answer any of her questions, by simply saying ‘You’re so pretty Brooke Burke.”  Brooke does her best “alright guys” with a smile, which is code for, “I’d rather be pushing out my fifth child and pose on the beach in a bikini the next day, than have to ask more lame questions … back to you Tom.”

Then Wendy Williams and model Petra Nemcova take the stage.  On Monday Wendy’s Foxtrot was a step backwards, earning a lower score than the previous week.  While Petra wowed the judges and the audience with a beautiful Waltz to the Groban classic “You Raise Me Up,” jumping from 18 last week to a score of 25.  Of course Petra and her partner Dmitry are safe and Wendy is in “jeopardy.”

Cue the tape package of the behind the scenes footage the stars filmed with their own cameras.  Giving people video cameras to tape themselves is generally not a good idea, especially if you’re Kendra.  Once producers explained to her that it was not to make a sex tape, we got a lot of “goofing around,” adorable kids, and then the closest thing to a sex tape, The Kirate Kid’s butt covered by a mirror ball graphic.

Next Justin Bieber’s lady love, the most hated girl by tweens everywhere, Selena Gomez sings her song about inner confidence and being beautiful. Pro’s Chelsie Hightower and Mark Ballas give the next manic lyrical performance. The whole thing was okay, but the most interesting thing was probably Selena’s bedazzled microphone with her name written on it.

More results.  Disney girl Chelsea Kane and Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson take the stage.  Watching these two girls stand side-by-side makes me want to say that if you’re a blond girl, there are alternatives in life.  It’s not either Disney or Playboy, there’s also porn. After Chelsea and Mark’s controversial Jive last week, they bounced back with a Cha Cha that wowed the judges, and increased there score from 18 to 23. And she’s no dummy, she also picked a song named “Chelsea” just in case we keep forgetting who she is. Kendra and Louie danced the Rumba and also improved from a 19 to 23, despite being lost in a cloud of fog, which is probably a little like being inside Kendra’s brain. Chelsea and Mark are safe while Kendra and Louie are still in “jeopardy.”

One Republic returns to the stage, bringing the Dancing with the Stars Troupe with them. I’m just glad I get to see Kiki, my favorite troupe member, in action.   I still think One Republic is having sound problems, but now the lead singer wants to show that he can also play the piano for five seconds. They sing their second biggest hit “All The Right Moves” and the troupe hits the floor giving an almost period piece-like dance with velour jackets, ruffled skirts and lots of synchronized spinning, ending with the guys on bended knee.

Next the remaining three stars take the stage.  Chris Jericho, Ralph Macchio, and Kirstie Alley.  Again we get to see the footage of “the fall.”  I mean not counting the five times I rewound it myself last night (with two of those being in slow-mo) that’s three replays alone tonight.  Again Max emphasizes it had “nothing to do with Kirstie.” Kirstie and Ralph are safe, while Chris is still in jeopardy.

This leaves Wendy, Kendra and Chris for the final results of the evening.  Bergeron sends Kendra to safety.  Shortly after Chris is safe and Wendy and her partner Tony Dovolani are the couple with the lowest score.  We all saw it coming. In a competition this tight it’s impossible for someone who dances like Wendy, and has so many other commitments, to stick around. Unlike Kate Gosselin who was so bad it was entertaining, Wendy was just bad. It’s become clear that after the first two rounds of elimination and all the shifting in the leader board, that besides the few who really can’t dance and are being weeded out in these early rounds, the mirror ball is anyone’s to take. This should make things interesting for those of you who are involved in DWTS Pools. Unless Sugar Ray really steps it up next Monday, for the first ever “Classical Week,” I think we know what will happen next Tuesday.

As Wendy said her final goodbyes we learned that she accomplished her goal of being able to pose in front of millions of people. And she also managed to throw in a plug for The Wendy Williams Show.