Game of Thrones hasn’t had a single bad episode in its run. Granted, we’re at two, but nevertheless, its one of the most enjoyable and most intricate new shows on television (basic or cable).  If you haven’t seen it, (and you’re into well-made, utterly-epic renditions of medieval, relic storytelling) you’re going to want to check it out.

Last night’s episode, entitled “The Kingsroad” took off right where the pilot left us — Bran’s fate remained in doubt after his accident on the ramparts and Daenerys (after being pledged to the massive warrior king, Drogo) sought refuge in her maidservants in an attempt to learn how to live (and please) her newfound husband. Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Ned (Sean Bean) continues to make good on his promise to serve as the King’s Hand taking his daughters Sansa and Arya with him and it’s only a matter of time before tempers run high and teenagers start acting like teenagers. Ah, and the Dire Wolves, can’t forget about the Dire Wolves.

I have to admit, I was fairly worried about tonight’s episode – the pilot was terrific and the drama built within the final moments drew in even the most cynical viewer so I thought that feeling alone would make Episode One tough to beat. Though, Game of Thrones delivered. They gave us a glimpse at a few razor-edge characters (The Dire Wolves turned out to be good and the youngest Lannister Prince turned out to be a real wuss … er, bad. I meant to say bad).

Depending on the direction they take the show, The Kingsroad gave us a GREAT platform to jump into the remainder of the season. Personally, I could hang out all day at The Wall all day long. And now, with Jon Snow (the bastard son of Ned Winterfell) heading north to take his lifelong oath to become a part of the Night’s Watch, it seems like it won’t be long until we get to find out a few of the mysterious surrounding this great enigma. The Wall is a bit like Game of Thrones’ Smoke Monster, right? My mind immediately starts to theorize whenever its discussed and the added benefit of the White Walkers and the lifelong oath and the fact that winter seems to kill dozen of people each year only add to The Wall’s mystery. Brilliant.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Lannisters last night – I thought the drama was cooked too melodramatically – but when the order came down from the King to kill Lady, Sansa’s Dire Wolf, I was immediately hooked. I never thought I could fall in love with a mythical beast in just under two hours, but I did. The final moments of last night’s episode were just as good as the final moments of the first. Those wolves — breathing, protecting, and watching in silence – might be Game of Thrones coolest addition to an already sparkling new show.

Not to mention, Bran just woke up … so next week should be interesting.