Every year for the past decade America falls under the spell of American Idol. Even those who’d rather tune into The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family, know what’s going on because local news thinks who’s been voted off deserves top billing the following morning…or is that just LA? Either way, Idol has long become an American water cooler staple.

Last week the fifth person voted off raised some questions in the Idol realm. Tuning in I knew Pia Toscano was one of the most talented of the bunch, boring, but talented nonetheless. But it wasn’t her talent that was put in the spotlight; it was what was below the waist. Get your mind out of the gutters. Pia was the fifth girl in a row given the boot this season and got people buzzing about the idea that Idol sexist.

For the past few seasons men have dominated the final rounds and taken home the crown, but is the show making it out to be a sausage fest? Keeping in mind that plenty of women have taken home the title, I’d have to say no.  Over the years I’ve never felt the show geared towards one sex over the other in winning. I think they just favor the contestant who may bring in the most money in the end.  Of course mistakes have been made over the years seeing as most losers go on to do much better than their seasons winners; Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.

In the end, it’s not even the show (that we know of) who picks the winners. With a widely large female demographic, of course a cute fella is going to win over a talented lady. Young girls and cougars vote for who gets their hormones racing, not who their ears favor. So is Idol sexist? Not at all. It’s like any other thing in Hollywood, geared towards making money and towards people who spend the most, females.  And if people are so outraged with the results, maybe they should vote more…they added online voting this year to make it even easier for people to have their voices heard.