As the girl practice at The Rock, Lauren taunts Emily about not being able to have a boyfriend, despite the fact that she’s in love with Damon. Max takes some action shots of Payson on vault and Lauren is instantly jealous, wanting Max to take pictures of her. And how does she seduce him? With the line, “I hope you’re saving some room on your memory stick for me.” Does it work? Eh, TBD.

In the recording studio, Damon sings to his Emily screensaver. Kaylie walks in and starts to sing with him. She actually has a pretty voice. Maybe her mother’s dream will finally come true. Damon asks for her help preparing for his show…at the Pizza Shack. Doesn’t he have a record deal? Why is he getting help from a gymnast who’s never sung a note in her life? Why is he playing a show at the equivalent of a Pizza Hut? And why is he living in Boulder?

The girls were supposed to have a meet with Dallas, but they cancelled so Darby decided to schedule a meet with Pinewood. Pinewood?! Is she kidding? They’re like, the worst ranked gym in the country. Payson thinks the meet is a joke, but Darby tries to make things right with her. She’s practically in tears and wants Payson to be her friend. She offers Payson a deal, be her friend and she’ll help her with her land a really difficult vault. Shouldn’t she be doing that anyway as her coach?

Damon and Kaylie are writing when Maeve’s (you remember, Kaylie’s recently deceased anorexic BFF) mother calls and wants Kaylie to speak at Maeve’s funeral. Maeve’s mother is convinced that Maeve was on her way to recovery when she died. Kaylie knows the truth and doesn’t know how to feel about Maeve’s death. Damon tells her to write a song about it. Yes, because that’s Damon’s solution to everything. That and hijack a tour bus to bring Emily’s wheelchair-bound brother to a meet, but that was another season.

Max offers to shot Payson’s new headshot. They have a super cute photo session and her mom is so excited at her daughter having a possible boyfriend. Max leaves Payson’s to shoot Lauren’s headshot. It resembles the beginning of a porno; including music and the schoolgirl outfit. She decides to go change her outfit and comes back out in lingerie. This is the point where Summer walks in. Summer is furious and determined to tell Lauren’s dad what she’s up to. Lauren manipulates the situation by crying (again) and accusing Summer of abandoning her. And Summer falls for it.

Payson calls Max in the middle of it and asks him to go running with her. It’s a date. Or a plan.

The next day at the gym, Payson is getting better on her vault, but her mom worries that the move is too risky for Payson’s back. She orders Darby to set some limits. When Darby tells Payson that she can’t do the vault, Payson goes off on her. So Darby decides everyone is going to spend the night at The Rock before the big meet.

Meanwhile, Damon and Kaylie go to Maeve’s funeral. Maeve’s mother has no idea what lies Maeve was feeding her. Kaylie finally realizes the seriousness of her condition and admits she has a problem. Emphasis on the word FINALLY.

At the sleepover, the girls eat “truth corn” (aka popcorn that Darby has determined makes people tell the truth). Lauren informs Darby that Emily has a boyfriend who’s doing a show tonight. She convinces Darby to take them all to the Pizza Shack as a team outing, because if it’s a team outing, Emily can go.

Lauren shows Payson the sexy pictures Max took and tells her that they have a date. Payson and pissed and cancels her “plan” with him.

Summer shows up at the gym to check on the girls just as the man from the National Committee shows up to check on Emily. He suspects they’re at the show and Summer throws him off the hunt so she can sneak Emily out the back door. It’s very A League of Their Own. Summer tells Lauren that she’s through believing her lies and will tell her father everything. In the midst of all this, Kaylie and Damon rock it in a duet.

The next morning at the meet, the girls get their butts kicked by Pinewood. What? They’re like the worst team in the country! Darby tries to pull out a win by getting Payson to do her new vault and she totally eats it. The girls are pissed at Darby and Payson goes on a tirade, calling her out for not being a coach. Darby leaves crying and the girls are once again on their own.

Make It Or Break It Stats

Payson: Made It for kicking some Darby butt

Lauren: Broke It with the help of Summer

Kaylie: Made It for recognizing what we all saw a season ago

Emily: Made It for being super stealth and getting to see Damon’s show and still keep her place on the World Team