We begin the episode by affirming and supporting each other by R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ing each other. Darby makes me want to quit gymnastics and I haven’t done gymnastics since I was five.

While the girls are getting nowhere learning each other’s routines, Kaylie is getting nowhere in outpatient rehab. It doesn’t help anything when Maeve shows up having been freshly sprung from the hospital and the two head to a spa.

Back at the gym, Max flirts with Payson and Lauren obliviously calls dibs on him.

Steve sees the entirety of the infamous Payson kissing Sasha video and realizes just what his daughter did (edit the video to make the kiss between coach and Payson look consensual).

Lauren tries to teach Payson her beam routine, but in her words, “You can’t teach someone to be sexy.” Max’s eyes start to shift toward Lauren and Austin offers to help Payson be sexy. Yeah, this is going to end well.

Home from the gym, Emily is frustrated that she can’t see Damon. When her mother gets on her for coming home late, Emily snaps at her for actually caring about her whereabouts. Chloe’s response? “I’m trying to be a responsible parent because you asked me to be.” Yup, that’s actually what she said.

Steve confronts Lauren about the tape. She insists that she only did what her father couldn’t. Not knowing what to do, Steve asks Summer for advice. She insists that Lauren needs to be responsible for her own actions; even though she has no idea what she’s actually responsible for.

Payson has no idea how to be sexy. It’s actually quite comedic. Poor awkward Payson. And her mother isn’t much help. When she goes to Austin for help, he responds by making her test different scents. I don’t think I need to clarify that this doesn’t work either, but I just did.

Maeve tries to persuade Kaylie’s parents to let her train again. They are almost convinced but change their minds and decide to listen to the therapist. Kaylie looses her shit and admits that she only admitted her anorexia to get out of the hospital. She doesn’t have a problem. Can someone turn off this record? Kaylie’s eating disorder makes me want to vomit.

Emily discovers her mother’s nametag (“Bambi”) and a pink cocktail napkin and begins to suspect that Chloe may not be working in an emergency call after all. Emily goes to the strip club (or ABC Family’s version of what a strip club looks like) and confronts her mother. Chloe argues that she doesn’t like her bartending (not stripping) job, but she’s doing what she has to do to make Emily’s dream come true. “I’m the one wearing the vinyl bra, Emily!” How an underage girl got into a strip club and not one bouncer intervened in this chick fight is beyond me.

Payson finally realizes what it takes to be sexy; she just has to imitate Lauren. Well, I could have told her that. Payson totally rocks the beam routine and all the guys are drooling.

Steve decides to turn the entire tape over to the National Committee. Lauren begs her dad not to turn in the tape. She’ll lose gymnastics, she’ll lose Summer. She lays on the guilt super-thick. I believe the phrase, “You and gymnastics are all I have left” is used. Being the pussy that he is, Lauren’s dad agrees, but something tells me this isn’t over.

Upset that her parents won’t let her go back to training, Kaylie calls Maeve. But Maeve is dead. Wow. Dark ending.

Lauren: Made it, for being the master manipulator.

Kaylie: Broke it, for not being the master manipulator.

Payson: Made it, for being so sexy.

Emily: Broke it, for making way too big a deal out of her mother’s not stripping job.