Back at Willow Glen rehab center, Kaylie has gained three pounds and nutrition is “destroying her shot at to compete at Worlds.” Maeve is in the same boat, fashion week is next week. She tells Kaylie to bring the Oscar tears.

Meanwhile, at The Rock, Darby Conrad arrives as the new head coach. Despite being an Olympian, Darby appears to have about as much maturity as Chloe Kmetko, which should lead to many opportunities for comedy. Darby decides to run the gym liberally by lifting the strict start time and dating rule and imposing more hugs. The bad news is she’s besties with Lauren from gymnastics camp. “Oh my god, I have elbows!” (Bonus points if you know what that’s from)

Emily announces that she’s off probation. Though her fate on the World Team is still up in the air, her perfect boyfriend Damon is back in town and for once there is no rule against seeing him.

At a meeting with her parents, the clinic director informs Kaylie and her family that she gets to go home. Unfortunately, she’ll be in an outpatient program and focus on new hobbies, no gymnastics (What? How will she make it?). Kaylie puts up a solid fight but her mom and the director lay down the law. She’s not going home unless she finds other interests.

Emily goes to lunch with Damon where he tells her he’s moving back to Boulder to finish his album because she’s his muse. Did I mention how perfect he was? Do I buy it? No. But they are just as in love that evening leading to the second longest relationship on ABC Family.

Summer accuses Steve of hiring Darby to “buy back Lauren’s love.” I think it’s somewhat wrong to use the word “buy” in a sentence about a black person. Summer and Steve then begin a heartfelt talk about their relationship and decide that Lauren needs them to be together. So in this episode Steve has bought Lauren two women. So far.

When Emily arrives home from her night out with Damon, the national team rep is waiting for her. He has a contract for her to sign saying that she will come directly home from practice everyday and not have a job or a boyfriend. But…what about Damon?

After leading the group through morning meditation, Darby announces that Lauren and Payson will begin their competition for team captain. Payson rocks out on the vault and Lauren dominates the bars. Payson knows she’s going to have to do something spectacular to beat Lauren on beam so she brags about her fancy dismount. Lauren decides to show off by doing some sort of move with a spring board that I can’t pronounce. Everyone worries that she’s going to hurt herself but Darby doesn’t have the guts to stop her. Payson even concedes but Lauren won’t quit. She nails the move but falls off the beam at the end of her routine. Regardless, Payson and Lauren tie and Darby decides they’ll be co-captains.

Kaylie arrives home with her parents and her mom decides to convert her old recording studio into an art studio for Kaylie. Kaylie responds by throwing things at the wall and yelling about gymnastics and then meeting Emily for smoothies, which seems to go against the anorexia that she’s been working so hard on. In a curiously selfless move (sort of), Kaylie decides to let Damon use her mom’s old recording studio. At least she won’t have to make ceramics.

Lauren bursts into her father’s office and informs him he must order Darby to make her team captain. When he refuses, she informs him that she was the one who got rid of Sasha by leaking the tape. Keep in mind, Steve once said that whoever leaked the tape will be kicked out of the rock. Shit. What is he going to do now?

Emily breaks up with Damon. Again. And then they bang. Secret Life spin-off?

Make It Or Break It Stats: Episode 2

Lauren: Broke it by being super annoying with Darby and telling her dad that she leaked the photo.

Payson: Made it for messing with Lauren. Someone has to give it back to her.

Emily: Made it for deciding her career is the second most important thing to banging.

Kaylie: Broke it, her mom’s picture frame that is.