Paul McDonald became the first male finalist eliminated from American Idol tonight as the quirky 26-year old Alabama singer failed to win over the nation’s voters. Most Fantasy players felt that Stefano Langone’s time had come on the show, but his rendition of “End of the Road” from Boyz II Men was enough to keep him around for another week. Still, Langone landed in the bottom two for the third time in three weeks, and one wonders if his elimination is simply a matter of time. Haley Reinhart rounded out the bottom three after a so-so performance of “Call Me” from Blondie. It was Reinhart’s third trip to the bottom three, but her first in nearly a month.

McDonald’s elimination was not necessarily a surprise as fantasy players had him selected as the second-most likely contestant to go home. While the judges praised his performance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll”, our own Noah Duman called it “a wee bit flat and too squeaky.” McDonald also had the misfortunate of performing first, and four of the last six lead-off singers have wound up in the Bottom Three.

McDonald was best known for his weird clothing, included funky patterns and designs on slim-fitting suits from head-to-toe. While some loved his wacky ensembles, other panned it. After five consecutive women had been eliminated, McDonald became the first male finalist eliminated. He ended his Idol career by singing “Maggie May” from Rod Stewart, the song he used for his audition. The judges gave him a standing ovation.