What do all of us have in common?  The frustrating and tedious task of filing our taxes is probably the most common factor that links us all together.  Although our filing status may not be the same, the aches and pains are most likely shared – especially for the individuals that actually owe” Big Brother.”  If you’re fortunate enough to get a refund, the money will probably be spent quickly on rising gas prices and other things.  During these times we tend to be reminded of those people who weren’t so fortunate and tried to fool the system but got some serious prison time instead.  People like: Bernie Madoff comes to mind, and who can forget Enron?  These thoughts will make you think twice when filling out your deductions this year.  Therefore for those responsible citizens out there that did their due diligence and filed their taxes by the due date, and the ones that only filed extensions so far – we honor tax season with the top five business movies in the past decade.

The list was kept fairly neat and tidy, with only five titles making the cut.  Movies from the last decade were only considered since so much has happened to our world economy during this period and you will notice the word “greed” used often here.  The list was then tailored so that each movie picked fit a certain category of financial sector.  Therefore, without getting anymore technical, the top 5 business movies:

The Social Network (2010)
When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took a college kid’s dream of finding popularity and turned it into a business idea that is now king of all social media outlets – he became a billionaire.   Not without stepping on a few friends, as the story shows how getting to the top can cause a lot of greed and bring a lot of court cases.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
Oliver Stone’s follow up to his 1987’s Wall Street movie, is about a young stock trader whom makes a deal with Gordon Gecko to help take down a merciless financial executive.   The movie depicts the lengths people will go to protect their greed and wealth. 

Michael Clayton (2007)
This title was added because it plays an important factor into the business world and how things are done behind closed doors and under the rug.  George Clooney gives an excellent portrayal of an attorney coined the “fixer”, who must cope with a colleague’s mental breakdown over a scandal his law firm’s client is involved in.  The film garnered much attention into the scope of corruption and greed of big business.

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers (2009)
Talk about big business, this one takes the cake.  This was about the time that businesses were seeking “bailout money” from the federal government.  It’s a true story of how the recent financial crisis brought down one of the largest investment banks in the world.   It shows how bad the economy recently got and that if these guys can go – we are all at stake.

August (2008)
Starring Josh Harnett portraying one of two brothers who are doing everything they can to save their “dot com” company from going under right after the September 11th terrorists attacks.  This is another tale of how conflicts in the world can easily turn big money into no money.

This concludes this decade of top business movies and sums up the fact that unfortunately money is what drives the world we live in while greed plays an important factor.  Is it just a coincidence how most films made about business and government tend to always tell the nasty side of it all?  Maybe it’s a sign of times, and as the world economy keeps hurting it will be interesting to see what type of business movies the next ten years will bring us.  Until then, let this current list be a lesson to all that pursue a lifelong dream of financial success.  If money doesn’t sleep, either does the person chasing it.