Thor remains victorious this weekend as expected against all competitors, managing an estimated $34.5 million and with worldwide numbers finally doubling its production budget. Meanwhile, the only opponent of the genre, Fast Five, has ended up third—also as expected. The number one moneymaker these days, and that’s all the studios care about since we never thought we’d see the day MGM would be in danger of bankruptcy, is popcorn entertainment which can flash visual effects pop spectacle and most of all sell. The Fast and the Furious series may have a large number of fans, but they are outnumbered massively by comic-book fans. Sure, the series added Dwayne Johnson to the mix, but The Rock hasn’t been in a favorable movie for a while. He last starred in Faster and The Tooth Fairy. The former barely skimmed past its production budget, while the latter was a domestic failure with a very strange premise. Although, Fast Five’s initial drop of 69% in profits from opening weekend to the next weekend indicated the film should be gone by now. We can consider that the last thing Vin Diesel was actually in was Fast and Furious, which accumulated $278 million in profit with foreign numbers.

Bridesmaids did better than anyone really expected it to—which probably isn’t encouraging for the filmmakers, but the estimated $24.4 million in profit on opening weekend certainly is. At least, it’s a good thing to overcome expectations, but if the expectations are very low, it’s probably not the best accomplishment in the world. The advertising for the film contradicted its premise, which made the target audience almost as unclear as Priest’s. However, it does have talented SNL stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph—which is definitely enough to strike interest in any moviegoer. Wiig’s last feature film was Paul, which was very warmly accepted by audiences and although it didn’t perform well in the top box office, the profit it generated was still twice its production budget. Pairing up two SNL stars doesn’t always work, as poorly received Baby Mama back in 2008 proved. However, the important thing for Bridesmaids was finding its audience. In some way, it really is a competitor for Thor because both films are feel-good movies. Which is what everyone needs right now, and considering the price of going to a theatre, no one would demand less. In any case, perhaps Paul Feig’s career wasn’t ruined by Unaccompanied Minors, which was awful in every sense of the word and ended up with a $4 million deficit on a $25 million budget. And then of course Judd Apatow is producing Bridesmaids, which is really what jumbles up who exactly is supposed to see this movie. The last demographic Apatow ever sells to is women. And the last film Apatow produced was critic and audience failure Get Him to the Greek, which fared well in numbers likely only by intrigue.

For being directed by a visual effects artist, Priest didn’t perform so bad. The last thing Scott Charles Stewart directed was Legion, which likewise didn’t grab anyone’s attention and was served up with a murky religious premise but was more clear about the world the story takes place in. It performed about as well as Priest is at the moment. In Priest we find Maggie Q, a familiar face, as well as Cam Gigandet. However, the last thing Gigandet had a role in was The Roommate, which no one seemed to enjoy. It’s been a while, but we can still remember Q from Mission Impossible 3 and Live Free or Die Hard, where she put a beating on Bruce Willis. Still, Priest isn’t very encouraging for the second-time director, and the visual effects don’t even seem all that convincing. Horror fans remain frustrated after The Rite, The Roommate, and Insidious disappointed.

Something Borrowed and Jumping the Broom left the box office as estimated, allowing Rio to hold strong at fifth. Next weekend, Thor won’t stand an infinitesimal chance to stay in first, because the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment opens, and is likely to dominate absolutely everything. It seems as if the series could never possibly end. At least, that’s what many thought by the end of the third sequel, which was unnaturally long and awfully paced. However, the film has Johnny Depp in it, and is targeted at children, and has absolutely everything going for it. Interestingly enough, no one else chose to open next weekend. Which makes sense, because anyone would be eclipsed by this powerhouse moneymaker escapist film. This means most everyone in the top box office will move very little. Thor becomes second, as Bridesmaids falls to third, with Fast Five falling to fourth and Priest to fifth. With Pirates in Rio’s town, it won’t be big enough for the both of ‘em. Rio will finally be kicked out of the box office. 

1   Thor (2011) $34.5M $119M
2   Bridesmaids (2011) $24.4M $24.4M
3   Fast Five (2011) $19.5M $169M
4   Priest (2011) $14.5M $14.5M
5   Rio (2011) $8M $125M
6   Jumping the Broom (2011) $7.3M $26M
7   Something Borrowed (2011) $7M $25.6M
8   Water for Elephants (2011) $4.1M $48.5M
9   Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011) $2.2M $50.2M
10   Soul Surfer (2011) $1.8M $39.2M