This Memorial Day weekend, The Hangover Part II takes number one at the top box office with a very solid $86.4 million estimate while Kung Fu Panda 2 doesn’t quite perform with the bang it’d like to. Likewise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides dropped to third, taking a massive fall in its second weekend, sinking to inadequate $39.2 million.

One would have imagined that with Memorial Day weekend freeing up the schedule of most children, the movies aimed at that demographic would conquer the top box office. However, it would appear that the weekend also allowed for plenty of free time to see a different sequel. Pirates is doing poorly in comparison to its three previous sequels, and in fact began with a significantly less opening than At World’s End—approximately $40 million less. So even though the drop in profit between week one and two has improved since the third Pirates sequel, it’s not saying much. Evidently, even the kids are becoming a bit tired of the Pirates series.

Kung Fu Panda was a magnificent success. The sequel for it should have been highly anticipated, and being an animated film should have dominated. Literally everything was going for it. There was plenty of advertising for the film, and kids clearly adored the original. There’s almost no accounting for it, because the children’s audience is always bigger than adults. Almost every animated film that’s released can automatically take first in the top box office, and has.

It would appear that The Hangover’s success must have been in part due to having an understanding of its target audience, a specific culture which had not found its calling until the release of this film. The excitement for the sequel has been anticipated literally since the opening of the first. That’s quite a long time for an audience to hold out still just as eager for a sequel. Media coverage was constant; indeed, the first film was a phenomenon. I couldn’t personally imagine how to have a sequel to the Hangover, because what would you do? Have everyone get hung over again? And that’s exactly what they did. The plot is almost exactly the same! But the characters and sketch comedy style of the original were enough to bring in enough waves of audience to be mounted right on top of the box office.

Bridesmaids continues to impress, completely determined to stick around, generating another $16.3 million and falling to fourth. Thor has fallen to fifth, but no one really cares. I wonder how long it will take for people to become tired of every comic book franchise becoming a movie franchise. At least they aren’t sequels, I suppose. Speaking of, X-Men: First Class opens this weekend, and is yet another installment in the X-Men series which is branched off of the original trilogy. It has every opportunity to succeed, but unfortunately is missing Wolverine, who somehow became the main character of the first three films. Fortunately, it happens to be the only film that is popcorn entertainment next weekend—and a clear indication that Summer is on its way.

       Title                                                                             Weekend

1   The Hangover Part II   $86,480,000
2   Kung Fu Panda 2   $48,000,000
3   Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides   $39,321,000
4   Bridesmaids   $16,373,000
5   Thor   $9,365,000
6   Fast Five   $6,618,000
7   Midnight in Paris   $1,919,000
8   Jumping the Broom   $1,900,000
9   Something Borrowed   $1,845,000
10   Rio   $1,780,000