Part one of the Dancing with the Stars finale doesn’t disappoint in delivering the usual ballroom antics, along with some additional surprises that include a human light show, a few cartwheels, and a marching band. Yes, a marching band. Without factoring in the scores each couple will receive for Tuesday night’s dance, Disney star Chelsea Kane and NFL wide receiver Hines Ward are currently tied for first place.

Each star is expected to perform a “judges’ pick,” along with the fan favorite “freestyle.” The judges choose the Samba for Chelsea Kane, which she originally danced on “Americana night” while wearing “Betsy Ross Couture” American flag pants. This time around, Chelsea and partner Mark Ballas opt for a subtle flesh-colored ensemble.  But don’t worry, Mark’s open shirt has spent some time with the Bedazzler (a guy’s gotta have his sparkle!). They hit the floor and I’m a little caught off guard by the music; not the Latin beats, but the man’s voice talking over them. Unfortunately, it’s very reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s, “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).” But instead of the singer telling us to wear sunscreen and to floss, he says, “The subject for tonight’s lecture is rhythm, the beat.” During the tape piece, Carrie Ann says she wants a “less perky Samba, and a more sensual one,” and Chelsea delivers. According to Carrie Ann she’s “on fire,” and Bruno calls her “an ultra sexy bombshell.” She receives a 29.

Chelsea and Mark continue spreading “tonight’s lecture of rhythm” with their freestyle, where Ballas is up to his old tricks again, using choreography that, according to him, is “so swag.” They ride in on bicycle, which after watching the entire routine seems pretty unnecessary, and do a hip-hop like dance to more Latin beats. About halfway through, Chelsea and Mark’s hands and shoes light up (think “Tron” or this year’s Super Bowl halftime show). Let’s just say, if I still wore LA Gear, I would die for a pair of their shoes.  Unexpectedly, Chelsea’s lights out, but she doesn’t skip a beat. Bruno thinks the performance is “electrifying” and loves the “Latin rhythm with a contemporary twist.” Carrie Ann can’t find the words to voice her opinion so she gets up and does a dance with odd pelvic thrusts. They receive a perfect 30, a combined score of 59, and Chelsea is so happy that her Disney charm turns her lights back on, or maybe they just replaced the batteries.

Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson dance the Quickstep for their judge’s pick. The judges choose this dance because the first time around his feet needed work. In rehearsal, as Hines repeatedly kicks his legs and points his toes, Len chants “De da da da, boo-ya cha cha,” and then throws a gang sign (or at least his version of one). In demonstrating a proper hold, Len says, “Let me feel you come on, look at his deltoids, good thing Bruno’s not here.” There’s a reason why Bruno’s coaching Kirstie.  Hines’ Quickstep to “Puttin’ on the Ritz” is fun, fast, and ends with Hines uncorking a champagne bottle of confetti. It gets the audience on their feet and the yellow towels waving. Carrie Ann says it “makes her forget she’s judging,” and Bruno says, Hines “connects with the audience like no one else.” Party pooper Len feels “it’s not quite there yet” as the audience boos. They receive a 29 out of 30.

For their freestyle, Hines and Kym decide to recreate the Super Bowl halftime show (in a different way than Ballas does), since Hines is never able to see it. The couple previously warned that their freestyle might not have as many lifts as it normally would, but it does have a marching band. Kym is the cheerleader and Hines is in a full band leader getup, hat included. The music is performed entirely by the marching band (a DWTS’ first) and despite those warnings, they perform some difficult lifts that look effortless for them. Halfway through the routine, Hines’ sleeves come off, giving Bruno a look at those deltoids. The judges love it, and so does the crowd.  Len thinks he “gave it his all” and Carrie Ann says, “It’s not the halftime show, it’s the whole damn Super Bowl.” They receive a perfect 30 also giving them a 59 out of 60.

Kirstie Alley takes on the Samba for her judges’ pick, with Bruno helping in rehearsal. First things first, when it comes to buttoning shirts for everyday life (not a ballroom performance), most people debate first or second button. Bruno debates over the fourth or fifth and I get it, that gold chain needs to be seen. Bruno wants her to work on her hands and really take “her moments,” which he demonstrates by striking a pose and saying “close-up.” Kirstie’s Samba is completely different from Chelsea’s, but that doesn’t stop the judges from loving it. Bruno says it’s “full of lively pleasures and full of womanhood,” but he still wants her to look at the audience and not the floor. Len says it has “a lovely naturalness and is deserving of being in the final.” As they go to break, Maks grabs Bergeron’s butt and then I’m pretty sure he nibbles on his ear (this is obviously Kirstie’s influence).  They receive a 27.

In preparing for their freestyle Maks and Kirstie manage to keep the drama level down, however Maks does point out that Kirstie is neither young nor athletic. As promised, the duo is taking on some “aerials,” and apparently a cartwheel is included in that definition. Kirstie practices her cartwheels, which also manage to look loopy, and Maks asks, “Do you want to look like an old whack?” I say just give her a Ribbon Dancer and let’s see what happens. They perform to Pink’s “F***in’ Perfect” and when Kirstie steps on the floor, she’s dressed like a monk, until the robe comes off and reveals a full body spandex suit. You have to give her credit, and also Maks, who flings her over his shoulder like a weightless sack of potatoes. The judges like the risks and, as Len says, “You got to risk it, to get the biscuit.” Carrie Ann commends her for the message she sends, and Bruno is shocked by the lifts saying, “Respect girl, respect.” Well said Bruno, for the first time ever. They receive another 27 points.

Overall, the three stars delivered finale worthy performances and if you’re in a DWTS pool, this final elimination is by far the toughest to predict. Although they each still have one more dance, I’d say Kirstie is probably the first to go, leaving Chelsea and Hines.  From there, based on fan support and likability, I think Hines will be taking home the title. However, Chelsea has really proven herself and it’s impossible to deny her ability as a dancer, and this could give her a chance to sneak in and grab that mirror ball trophy.