Emily gets an ultrasound confirming her pregnancy. She tells the doctor she’s only had one period in her life so she thought she couldn’t get pregnant. Because she doesn’t know what to do, she decides to spend the majority of the episode refusing to talk to anyone.

Damon tells Kaylie that his record label loved their duet and wants to see more songs from the both of them. Kaylie tells her therapist that she finally understands that she has to tell the truth all the time in order to stay healthy. He tells her she’s finally ready to return to gymnastics, but Kaylie isn’t so sure. She’s learned to love eating more than 900 calories a day.

At The Rock, the girls all work to get ready for the world championships. Emily still doesn’t know her status on the world team and seems to be waiting for the NGO’s decision to decide how to handle her pregnancy. In all fairness, it’s probably a good move to wait and see what her options are. Keep in mind, throughout this entire episode, the word “abortion” is never used. A “smushmortion” is simply referred to as “ending the pregnancy.” How are they going to get out of this? I’ve got ten bucks on a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Sasha is back and immediately gets to work with Lauren on solving her “twisty” problem. Not really sure what that means, but regardless, they quickly solve it with some early morning practice time. Lauren is moved that Sasha worked so hard to help her and immediately sends off the full version of Sasha’s not so scandalous kiss with Payson and finally clears his name.

With Sasha’s return, Summer once again questions her relationship with Steve. Realizing this, Lauren convinces Steve to propose to Summer with an “elaborate” proposal that consists of string, a poem and a poster. Maybe he mistook marriage for prom. Logically, Summer has to think about it.

Kim urges Summer to talk to Sasha and put it all out on the table. However, when Sasha tells Summer that Emily is pregnant and he wants her to have an abortion, Summer concludes that Sasha will never respect her deep Christian values and immediately says yes to Steve.

Emily receives word that her membership on the World Team will continues and she confides to Payson that she’s, and I quote, “with child.” Apparently Make It Or Break It recruits writers from The Scarlett Letter. Payson tells Emily that she’s an idiot (true) and that she’s never taken her gymnastics seriously (also true).

In the recording studio, Damon decides that it’s time for him to make a move on Kaylie. Let me just be clear; last week he was singing to a picture of Emily on his screensaver, and now he wants Kaylie. It doesn’t really matter though, because she refuses his advances because Emily is her friend.

In order to help Emily make a decision, Chloe tells the head of the NGO about the pregnancy. It appears as if they are having an affair but ABC Family has not confirmed or denied my suspicions. He tries to convince Emily to have an abortion. Emily and her hormones lose their shit and Emily screams that she’s sick of the NGO trying to control her life. In her entire speech she never notes that she’s looking forward to motherhood and really wants this baby; it’s more likely just an escape for her. Emily rushes off to find Damon to rescue her and her baby. Looks like this knight in shining armor is going to need a car seat for his steed.

When Emily tells Damon the news, he’s not quite as ecstatic as she’d hoped, but she still rushes home to pack all her things. However, before she can leave, Kaylie shows up to tell Emily about the kiss. Remember that whole telling the truth thing? It comes back right here. Emily storms out the door. But to go where?

The girls show up to support Emily, but it’s too late. She’s off to Vegas to have her baby with her godmother. If that doesn’t sound like the latest Cinderella remake, I don’t know what does. Not knowing what to do at the loss of their teammate, Kaylie, Lauren and Payson run away to their old gymnastics camp and have a campout with their parents.

Oh, and Sasha has been named the new coach of the U.S. National Team.

The Stats

Lauren: Made It for finally clearing Sasha’s name (even though she was the one who poisoned it.

Payson: Broke It for not being supportive of Emily’s delicate condition before it was too late.

Emily: Broke It for running away and being a hormonal bitch.

Kaylie: Made It for deciding to come back to gymnastics and not kissing Damon back. Don’t get with your lady’s baby daddy.