It’s about that time of year. Sweeps? Sure. Emily entering her second trimester? Probably. The World Championships of Gymnastics? YES!!!!

Kelly Parker’s mother, aka Kathy Najimy, continues to annoy everyone, including Kelly, at a World Team photo shoot. The girls prepare for the World Championships in Rio and Lauren and Sasha work on her beam, but Sasha insists she does it without the sass. However, not everyone is going to Rio since Payson’s parents can’t even afford their mortgage.

Kaylie gets an offer from Healthy Bar to be the new spokesman. Or spokeslady. But she doesn’t feel quite right representing healthy eating when she’s just coming off of anorexia. Instead, her and Max pitch Payson as the new spokesperson (yeah, that works). Payson gets an offer of $25,000 with an additional $250,000 if she medals at Worlds. But Payson’s parents are reluctant to let her take the money because it will invalidate her for college scholarships.

Kaylie tries to reach out to Kelly Parker, though unbeknownst to her, Kelly is in possession of Kaylie’s private journal. But because Kaylie is so nice, Kelly is hesitant to turn over the journal. Kaylie even invite Kelly to a party at Lauren’s house. Despite serious pressure from her manamomster (a combination of manager, mom, and monster, I can’t take credit, Kim came up with it), Kelly never turns over the journal.

Sasha and Summer finally have a conversation about why they aren’t together. Sasha insists that she’s just scared. He goes in for the kiss…but she stops him at the last minute. That woman has more will power than I’ll ever know.

At the Worlds’ send-off party at Lauren’s house a whole shit-ton of stuff goes down. Lauren tries to seduce Max in the bedroom while Austin and Kaylie share a romantic dance on the floor. He wants to kiss her, but she’s still unsure. Kelly gives Kaylie back her journal. Kaylie is pissed and tells Kelly that she’ll never trust her again. Payson finally admits to Max that she loves him, but he doesn’t say anything causing her great embarrassment. Then Max gets drunk and kisses Austin. Yes, that was not a typo. It turns out Max is bisexual and he totally doesn’t know how to handle it. DRAMA (and quite edgy for ABC Family, props)!

And that’s not all. Ellen Beals shows up at the party (gasp) and tells Summer that Steve knows who tried to incriminate Sasha with the video of his and Payson’s kiss. Summer confronts Steve and Lauren finally admits what she did. Summer tells Lauren that she’s done with her and done with Steve. Seriously, I could write an entire blog about this party. And we’re only halfway through the episode.

Lauren is heartbroken and asks Max to go for a drive with her. Lauren is completely distraught and fails to stop at a stop sign. She’s T-boned by an SUV and both of them end up in the hospital. Lauren is fine, but Max has a broke collarbone. When he’s all drugged out on pain-killers he calls out Payson’s name. Lauren finally realizes that she’s lost. Lauren calls Summer who tells her that she has to tell Sasha what she did.

And we finally make it to Rio and the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF GYMNASTICS! The NGO tells Kaylie to maintain that her injured ACL was the reason for her absence, not her eating disorder.

There are three days of competition; 22 teams will compete for on each of the first two days. The top four from each day will go to the finals. China, Russia and the United States are heavily favored, but our girls completely bomb on the first day. They barely come in fourth and manage to get into the finals, but Sasha is pissed. He locks Kelly, Kaylie, Lauren and Payson in a hotel room and tells them to work out their shit. He doesn’t actually say that, but the sentiment is felt.

Lauren and Payson fight over Max, but Lauren finally tells Payson that she’s has him. Kelly apologizes again for being such a bitch and Kaylie finally accepts. The girls share a lipstick and head off to the final day of competition.

At a press conference, Kaylie comes out about her eating disorder. It’s very empowering.

Before her final beam, Lauren tells Sasha the truth. He forgives her because after all, all great gymnasts have a short term memory and he’s already forgotten it. He sends her up to the beam, sass and all to kick some ass.

Payson competes in vault and sprains her ankle. She’s in a lot of pain but knows she must complete her second vault to have any chance at medaling. She totally pulls a Kerri Strug and does the vault with a nasty sprain and manages to stick the landing. The best part is that they actually acknowledged stealing the storyline from the 1996 Olympics (which actually occurred before most of MIOBI’s target audience was born).

With Payson absent from the floor, Kaylie takes over. She delivers an amazing performance which manages to push the team into first place and the US wins the gold. Thank God. I was on pins and needles the whole time. Seriously. I love this show. See you at the Olympics, girls!

P.S. Max tells Payson he loves her too and Austin and Kaylie kiss. Personally, I would have switched those couples around, but fine.

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Let’s face it, they all made it this week. Except Emily.