On the surface, Something Borrowed has a formulaic scenario similar to many romantic comedies of its ilk. Girl wants boy (or vice versa). Seemingly insurmountable hurdle stops girl from having boy. Precariously funny situations ensue and a quirky best friend becomes the voice of reason and anecdotal humor. What this rom-com has over many others is greater insight into the obstacles of the relationships in question.

Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) has reached her 30th birthday and her outgoing and mostly self-involved best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) is getting married to Rachel’s longtime secret crush from law school, Dex (Colin Egglesfield). Dex and Rachel have some buried feelings for each other but when the liquor flows at Rachel’s birthday so does the stifled attraction between them. Rachel and Dex realize they want each other but Darcy is Rachel’s closest friend and Dex’s fiance. Will true love prevail?

Rachel and Darcy are two gals on the opposite ends of the hair color spectrum, battling relationship duels to see who will come out ahead. One is an uptight, dependable brunette and the other a flighty, flirtatious blond; two characters who appear to have jumped out from another romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson called Bride Wars. Luckily Something Borrowed leaves out the hair pulling and sabotaged wedding dresses.

John Krasinski as Ethan, Rachel’s quirky best friend and confidant, steals the spotlight equally with Ginnifer Goodwin. His dry humor, sarcasm and blunt delivery of hard facts creates many laugh-out-loud moments. He also makes the astute observations that Dex rhymes with sex and that “the Hamptons are like a zombie movie directed by Ralph Lauren.”  Aside from his well-scripted humor, Krasinski is understated yet hilarious in his performance. Whether trying to dodge an overzealous one-night-stand or trying to knock some sense into Rachel, he comes out ahead.

Although Goodwin’s sweet, likable face ingratiates her with the audience; it is her stellar performance which really makes her stand out. She expertly embodies the duality of Rachel’s convenient denials and misdeeds and her tendency to be meek and victimized. The depth Goodwin shows in the journey of her character tends to outshine the exaggerated antics of Kate Hudson as Darcy.

One might think it difficult to empathize with a character who is sleeping with her childhood friend’s fiance, yet this film is crafted into a tit for tat of bad deeds. As low as Rachel’s and Dex’s actions might seem, Darcy is presented as so shallow and artificial as to deserve the betrayal she suffers. Everything is tied up in neat packages of bad behavior so as to not tax the audience or the characters with an overly guilty conscience.

Plenty of laughs are also provided by Marcus (Steve Howey) and Claire (Ashley Williams), two kooky friends who usually join Darcy, Rachel, Dex and Ethan on their weekend getaways to the Hamptons. Marcus is too preoccupied in his quest for hedonistic pleasure to worry about morals or responsibilities and just happens to have his sights set on Rachel. Claire desperately stalks Ethan in a misguided attempt to make him love her. These sideline high jinks serve to add some wacky fun to what could have easily turned into a melodrama.

Something Borrowed is engaging but the pacing is a bit off. It drags on too long before a clear resolution is offered but the steady supply of comedy makes up for it. Goodwin’s and Krasinki’s standout performances also make this rom-com a passable success.