The blind auditions continue on the The Voice this week with each coach required to pick five more singers to complete their team of eight. For the coaches it’s a lot harder than it sounds and some of them struggle to fill those last coveted spots by the end of the auditions. As a result some of the singers who were initially passed over are granted a second chance.

First I just have to say this week my opinion of The Voice skyrocketed when none of the coaches pushed their buttons for Scott Adam Hand. I know this sounds harsh, but I’m truly impressed with the coaches’ ability to spot a self-centered tool by only hearing his voice (which actually isn’t bad) and saving us from having to repeatedly look at the giant freaky hand his mother is wearing backstage.

With that out of the way, the show starts with Cherie Oakley, an established back up singer for Carrie Underwood and although she fails to win over coach Blake Shelton, singing his fiancé Miranda Lambert’s song, she get’s Christina Aguilera’s attention. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine says Cherie almost “has too big of a voice,” prompting retaliation from the original big voice herself, Christina. I mean honestly can Christina and Adam just have sex already? It’s so Sam and Diane from Cheers. Also joining “X-Tina’s” team is tiny powerhouse, 16-year-old Raquel Castro who is ecstatic after being chosen by her idol. Then there’s soccer player Julia Eason, who picks Christina over Cee Lo. I think Julia has one of the best voices on Christina’s team, and as Cee Lo says “its smooth and assertive.” Then Justin Grennan (the only guy) joins her team, and this leaves one remaining spot open.

In week two, Adam maintains his reputation for restraint when it comes to hitting the button. He is looking for a unique tone and finds it in med student Devon Barley, despite him singing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” which I think should be banished from singing competitions, or maybe just banished. Joining Devon is 39-year-old Tim Mahoney, who has “been in the business” for a while. Adam turns around thinking that “he” is a “she” saying, “Don’t be insulted by this, but I thought you were a chick…clearly not a woman.” Adam goes on to say, “I need a woman for my team and sadly you have a penis.” The coaches tweet of the night goes to Blake for “I’m so tired of you constantly talking about penises,” in reference to Adam. And here we are thinking that would’ve been “X-Tina”(remember she told someone to take off their pants in week one). Then Adam finally gets a girl, adding redheaded rocker Casey Desmond to his team, leaving two more spots open.

Cee Lo Green has no problem picking out the ladies and is quickly becoming the resident creeper. Both Blake and Cee Lo turn around for Emily Valentine (one of the “play along with the judges” singers). Without seeing her face and even before hearing her sing, I would pick her based on the awesome cat tattoo on her foot, and no I’m not being sarcastic. When Cee Lo sees that she’s a pretty blonde, covered in tattoos, he goes into flirt mode and brings up that he knows Pink. Adam calls him out saying, “Let me get that name for you, you drop it?” as he motions to pick something up.  Although at times Emily’s voice is flat, Cee Lo doesn’t mind because her chest isn’t.

Joining Emily on team Cee Lo is Niki Dawson, who from the two-second clip seems like a powerhouse, along with Nakia, aka Hurley from Lost. Nakia takes a risk singing Cee Lo’s song “Forget You” and it pays off when both Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Not getting the same result, Country boy, Curtis Grimes sings one of Blake’s songs and when Blake doesn’t budge, Cee Lo pushes the button and is excited about writing a country song with him. Filling the last spot on his team, is adorable sister duo Tori &Taylor Thompson and as Carson points out, it’s “two for the price of one for Cee Lo.”

This brings us to the lesson of the night: You don’t touch a Miranda Lambert (Blake’s fiancé) song, because for Blake it’s never going to live up to the original- hear that girls? Blake can hear the crazy in these girl’s voices, particularly Angela Wolff, the “Georgia Peach with an edge.” The tape piece before is all about Blake, and how she follows him on Twitter because he has a good sense of humor, and that “he better turn around.” My first thought is “Single White Female,” with a country twist. Blake doesn’t pick Angela, but he does add Sarah Oromchi and Serabee, who we don’t get to see much of. Tyler Robinson also gets a spot and when Blake sees him he says he didn’t “expect to see Drew Carey,” which Blake somehow thinks is a compliment. He welcomes Tyler to the team but I get the vibe that he regrets hitting the button. Someone you can tell he’s really excited about and rightfully so, is children’s author Dia Frampton. Within the first few seconds of her singing, Blake turns around and although Cee Lo tries to “creep” her away from him, she chooses safety. This leaves Blake with one more spot to fill.

Despite hearing all the singers that have been invited to audition, Blake, Christina and Adam, still have open spots. Carson takes the stage to sort out this “twist no one could’ve predicted.” Christina thinks some good people slipped through and wants to give this select group “fresh songs” and more blind auditions. So it’s time for some second chances, or as Carson likes to call it, a “shootout ” round between the three coaches, as they watch the singers perform in no particular order.

The “shootout” begins with Lily Elise who earlier on Christina regrets not picking. Christina doesn’t make the same mistake again and fills her last spot with Lily. Next up is Sonia Rao, the “pretty girl” Cee Lo regrets not picking in week one. Again Blake and Adam pass and they look devastated, but it’s all about “the voice” and obviously hers just isn’t it. Blake picks Rocker and father of six, Jared Blake, moving Jared’s wife, who is straight off  “Rock of Love: Bus,” to tears. Adam still has two spots and he finally turns around for Casey Weston, who we haven’t seen much of up until this point (she is like Taylor Swift if Taylor could really sing). Filling the last spot on Adam’s team is Blake’s stalker, Angela Wolff singing Adele’s “Rolling in Deep,” and as she belts out the lyrics, “we could’ve had it all!!” it’s obvious she’s singing about Blake. But no really she’s so happy to join Adam’s team because it brings her one step closer to achieving her dream, of marrying Blake, eee eee eee!

At first glance Christina’s team, made up of mostly girls, seems to have the least variety, whereas Cee Lo’s is all over the place, but also has some of the most commercial looking singers. As of right now I think Blake and Adam have the strongest teams overall (minus a few weak links). Now that auditions are over, next week the pressure is on for the coaches and guest mentors to work their magic as the singers battle it out to be one of the remaining four on their teams.