O, Panem…

In celebration of America’s Independence Day, and to commemorate our special “Panem Independence Day” episode on July 5, Hunger Games Fireside Chat is excited to announce its first contest!

We want YOU to write a national anthem for the new, free Panem, post-Snow, post-Coin, and post-Hunger Games!

We will share the TOP THREE anthems (selected by our panel of judges) on our July 5 episode, and the overall winner will be determined by YOU — the Hunger Games fandom — through a poll.

Rules: Submit the lyrics for an original anthem that evokes the spirit of the new Panem. You can write about Panem’s history, its people, the Hunger Games, specific characters from the trilogy…basically, whatever moves and inspires you! We want you to have fun with this! If you want to check out some countries’ national anthems for ideas, there’s an incredibly comprehensive list over at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_anthems

If you would like to compose music to accompany your lyrics and send us a video or mp3 of you or someone else performing your anthem, that would be fantastic! You can also use existing music, of course. If you just want to send us your lyrics, that’s great, too! Just keep in mind that this is a lyrics contest, and that you will be judged on your lyrics, not how well you present them. For those of you that can’t write music and just submit lyrics, if you win, we will arrange to have your lyrics set to music!

How to submit entries: Please submit all entries via email to HGFiresideChat@gmail.comonly one entry per person, please. You can include your lyrics in the body of your email or attach them as a Word document.

Deadline to submit entries: All entries must be submitted by 9:00am ET on July 4, 2011.

Prize: If you win, in addition to the glory of having your anthem be declared the “official” anthem of the new Panem, you will also receive a couple of fabulous mystery prizes…