“So You Think You Can Dance?” More like “So I Think We Should Elect Debbie Reynolds President of the United States,” AMIRITE?! Can we please have her be a permanent judge? She totally stole the show tonight with her odd comments and her blatantly hitting on all the male dancers. Love. So yeah, with Debbie combined with the fact that two couples are getting the boot this week made tonight’s episode pretty gripping! Let’s explore the highs and lows.


– Catelynn and Mitchell’s contemporary dance to Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Dancing expert I am not, but the emotion and synchronicity they had was AMAZING. I may have even shed a single tear. Plus, Mitchell accidentally elbowed Catelynn in the face and made her bleed a little, which is always entertaining.
– Robert and Miranda’s hip hop routine. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when the choreographers said the dance was inspired by woodpeckers (I mean really), but it actually was pretty cool! Again, their form was really good, and the moves were pretty unique. Well done, you two!


– Wadi and Missy’s cha cha. Not to jump on board the judges’ hate train (TOOT TOOT! You suck!), but seriously, this performance was pretty bad. It just felt really stiff, and you could tell Wadi was super uncomfortable. It’s a shame too, cuz a cha cha set to “Cannibal” by Ke$ha had the potential to be wildly entertaining. Sigh…
– Clarice and Jess’s contemporary performance. So ok, technically the performance was decent, but Jess is SO FREAKING ANNOYING. He’s totally that kid at theater camp who is constantly overacting and stealing scenes because he’s a big ADD ham. You know that type, right? No? Anyone? THEATER CAMP. WOO. Also, dude is a hobbit.

Best Quotes

– “I’ll take Wadi home and…[does a little hand wave]” – Debbie Reynolds on wanting to bone Wadi.
– “You can cha cha with Debbie ANY TIME!” – Debbie Reynolds, again re: Wadi. Someone give this broad a cold shower!

Elimination Prediction

This is a little tough, since besides Wadi and Missy’s massive fail, everyone else did a decent job. I’d say it’s definitely the cha cha-ers in the bottom, and then maybe Iveta and Nick for their lackluster Bollywood performance. Ricky and Ryan’s “sexy” dance was pretty meh too, so I can see them in the bottom as well. We’ll see tomorrow! Hopefully Debbie forgets where she put her keys and has to stay the night.