This week the competition traveled to Salt Lake City and New York where we saw “wacking,” half-naked people, and insane long-lost Beatles. So, in short, it was a pretty enjoyable episode. Not just because it was full of crazies, either! There were some pretty great performances thrown in there too!


– Chyna Smith: Maybe it’s because she dances like Nomi Malone and I’m a huge “Showgirls” fan, but this fresh-faced SYTYCD-obsessed teen won me over with her intense moves.

– Brian Henry, the krumper from New York who came out cocky, got humbled during the choreography round, and then cried when he got sent to Vegas. I love when we get to see someone run the whole gamut of emotions within 10 minutes.


– Brittany Morgan Starr, the aforementioned “long-lost daughter” of Ringo Starr. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good weirdo as much as the next person, and normally I would have written her off as just another aspiring hack comic trying to get reality show screen time. However, I kinda felt like she wasn’t joking? Like, between her crazy eyes and seeing her dad and how he seems to actually think he is indeed Ringo Starr, I just felt bad for laughing at a genuinely insane person.

– Chase, the modern dancer from Salt Lake City. He was a good dancer, but his body was so sinewy it made me feel like I was an exhibition of Bodyworlds or something.

– Nigel making inappropriate jokes about a girl having amnesia.

Memorable Quotes

– “I love stepping too, with both big crews and smaller pairs.” – Nigel. (To borrow a line from “Mean Girls,” hearing Nigel profess his love of stepping is like watching a dog walk on its hind legs.)

– “I’m gonna be spicy, I’m gonna show them something they’ve never seen before.” -that girl at the SLC auditions re: her red hair. I love that in Utah, being a redhead makes you “exotic.”


So yeah, all in all a pretty entertaining. This episode had that perfect mix of solid performers and a few crazies that keeps people watching without turning into the parade of freaks that competition shows often become during the audition stage (I’m looking at you, American Idol). Hopefully they keep the momentum going next week when they head to LA! The previews sure are hyping it up a lot.