It’s the fourth and final round of battles on The Voice and it happened again (sigh). Another detailed explanation of how the show works, officially making it the most “senior friendly program” on TV.  However you already know that there are four more battles until the “live shows” start next week, so let’s get to it.

Team Adam Levine is up first and he puts “redheaded” pop artist Casey Desmond with “small town boy” Jeff Jenkins, who all the coaches wanted during the “blind auditions.” They’re singing Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” and these two couldn’t be any less alike. Adam and his advisor Adam Blackstone tell Jeff he needs to “marry” his emotion with his voice. Meanwhile, Casey is “confident in her voice and style” because she designs her own clothes and oh dear, it shows. While rehearsing onstage, Adam has qualms with the last note and instead of making them redo it, he grabs the microphone and shows off, I mean demonstrates.  Adam explains its really Jeff’s to lose because he had to fight so hard to have him on his team, whereas no one really wanted Casey, except for “the fashion police.” The battle begins and Carson sums it up saying, “Team Adam en fuego,” also reminding us he’s still that same lovable tool. Reba can’t take her eyes off Jeff, Blake can’t take his off Casey, and I can’t take my eyes off Casey’s eye shadow (eek). Adam ultimately decides on Jeff because there’s “something mind-blowing” about him and it’s true. This completes Adam’s team, which is by far the strongest, and as he confidently says, “I don’t think it’s a secret at this point.”

Blake Shelton pairs 16-year old Xenia with 18-year-old Sarah Oromchi, singing, “I’ll Stand by You” by Pia Toscano, I mean The Pretenders. Blake puts them together because they are “the most bashful” and he wants to see which personality jumps out. Unfortunately during the rehearsal, Blake and Reba do most of the singing and you can see these girls’ personalities go into hiding. Reba tells Sarah to step up and Blake wants her “to scare” him. Reba tells Xenia to pretend her family is the entire audience and when Blake goes on to say she’s a great singer, she breaks down into tears.  Blake goes to comfort her and looks like a 16-year-old boy with no idea how to handle a crying girl. The battle begins and it’s by far the most subdued, just what you would expect from two shy girls. Christina thinks Xenia has a “cool tone to her voice” and that Sarah has more confidence, but a “shaky” voice. Cee Lo is “equally impressed,” whereas Adam thinks it’s “pitchy” and not “the right song for their voices.” Blake agrees that it’s a “tough song, but the music industry’s tough.” Thanks for the lesson “Papa Blake.” He goes with Xenia – a smart choice based solely on her unique tone.

Christina Aguilera is left with second chance pick Lily Elise, and Cherie Oakley, who is an established back up singer for Carrie Underwood. They’re singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” which according to Christina is fair because it’s “pop driven, neither country nor soul.” KC’s break-up anthem is just waiting to be butchered and many people capitalize on that potential every night at karaoke bars across the country. Lily and Cherie rehearse by the piano and Lily, who we can now confirm rocks the “Snooki bump” daily, volunteers to give it a shot. Personally I think it sounds like a high power electric saw, but they all love it and Cherie is intimidated.  The battle begins and it’s the direct opposite of Blake’s team- these girls are belting it out. Reba is happy she finally gets to meet Cherie, who actually wrote a number one hit for her. Cee Lo likes Lily’s “attitude,” and Cherie’s “control.” Christina’s advisor Sia, who decides to speak this week, likes Lily’s high note and Christina likes her “hot mama” outfit. Christina goes with Lily and honestly I think this had to do more with image than vocal ability. However Christina would be better of with either one of these girls over Frenchie.

And now for the “shocking” end, where Cee Lo Green puts his tattooed dream girl Emily Valentine, with “country boy” Curtis Grimes.  According to Emily, this is hard for her because she has a crush on Curtis and they’ve become “close” throughout the competition – hmmm yeah, we’ll leave it at that for now. They’re singing Lady Antebellum “Need You Now,” and Cee Lo tells them since the song is about a relationship, their “vocal approach” should be “volatile.” I think its safe to say that Emily can probably do “unstable” pretty well. The battle begins and they stand on opposite sides of the stage slowly working their way towards each other.  Cue surprise ending “no one sees coming,” they kiss! Everyone pretends to be in shock and Carson says, “One of you is going home, not alone I guess.” The one liners keep coming when Blake says, “Cee Lo told you guys to ‘duet,’ not ‘do it.’” Blake’s really proud of that one. Adam likes Curtis’s unique voice and Christina thinks although Emily is a little “shaky,” there are a lot of strong notes she “does execute well.” Monica can’t choose, but Cee Lo goes with Curtis, making Emily regret the tattoo she probably already got of his name.

It took a while, but we finally made it to the “live shows,” where each of the 16 remaining contestants will perform for America. The coaches will also take the stage, which at this point in the competition may feel like the band made up of teachers that awkwardly decides to  “jam’” at the high school talent show and I kind of can’t wait.