JJ Abrams is a like him or hate him kind of guy. In other words, you don’t really come across too many people who were indifferent to his television masterpiece Lost. On one end of the spectrum, people became obsessed over the show and the mystique behind the island and its inhabitants, yet on the other end some viewers were never able to suspend their disbelief long enough to accept the fact that polar bears were, in fact, capable of wandering around a tropical location. Thankfully, well at least for Abrams’ sake, I am a fan of his work, and am pumped for his next film Super 8. The writer/producer/director’s next foray into feature length cinema may not be coming out until June 10th, but this did not stop me from looking back and ranking his top five, and one not so noteworthy, films that can all be rented on DVD right now!


5. Mission: Impossible III
Abrams’ feature directorial debut packed in the action and adventure, but definitely lacked the witty, twisting storyline excepted out of the director after being recognized many times as being a master of the primetime television mind-bending experience. I do have to give the man credit for somehow working in free product placement for his, at the time current, show Lost.

4. Joy Ride
Acting as writer/producer for this film, Abrams teamed up with Saving Silverman’s Steve Zahn as well as Fast and Furious star Paul Walker to create one of the more enjoyable late-90’s/early 2000’s teen scream films. Also, thanks to the clever location choice of Abrams and co-writer Clay Tarver, the state of New Jersey was given an even worse name due to the sadistic nature of truck driver “Rusty Nail”.

3. Armageddon
Thank god Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ben Affleck waited to combine for a movie of such caliber as Armageddon. With four Oscar nominations (sadly none of which were for acting, directing, or writing), this late-90’s impending-apocalypse movie lists Abrams as one of the many, and emphasis on many, writers.

2.  Star Trek
This update to the classic television show fully solidified Abrams’ status as king of the fan-boy. What struck me as most impressive, however, was the fact that the director was able to make a Star Trek fan out of one of the most anti Sci-Fi people around. Me!

1. Cloverfield
However overplayed the genre of “handi-cam” movies may be nowadays, there is no denying how awesome Cloverfield was the first time you saw it. Even for the haters out there, and I know there were quite a few for this film, you cannot deny that you were left in shock after Marlena exploded in that army tent. I definitely didn’t see it coming.

Worst JJ Abrams Film: Morning Glory
Why did JJ Abrams ever produce a romantic comedy? That’s kind of like Alfred Hitchcock directing the next Jackass movie.