The posters say it all ends, but for me it is really all beginning. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was first published in 1997, when I was eight years old and The Deathly Hallows was published in 2007, the same spring I graduated from high school. Now, the final movie marks the ‘now it’s really really over there is nothing else to look forward to’ end of the Harry Potter franchise, the same year I graduate from college. I have grown up with Harry and though they are not my all time favorite books or movies by far, they are still the only ones that I have sat by the mailbox in anticipation of an Amazon preorder copy of or been to a midnight showing for. Though I had a number of other interests as a kid, Harry Potter was my childhood and with the end of the franchise comes grown up life for me and surely many others my age.

At first, I was content with just the books, but as the movies started rolling out, I just couldn’t help myself.  Yes, it took a while to get past Emma Watson’s eyebrow gymnastics and the Hogwarts castle as presented by the production team rather than by my imagination and Hagrid was never quite as big as I thought he should be (I know he’s only half-giant, but still) but what film adaptation of a book has been perfect in every way?

As for Part II, let’s forget that it’s a Harry Potter movie and just take a minute to think about how incredibly amazing the trailer looks. The battle for Hogwarts is going to be all sorts of epic (though that first image of the saddest Quidditch field on earth almost makes me cry already); Ralph Fiennes’ Voldemort is creepier than ever; Tonks and Lupin make meaningful eye contact, perhaps their last before she is killed; Molly is awesome; the music is almost too much. However the shot in trailer #2 of Daniel Radcliffe cowering on a tower lasts for a little too long and there is a noticeable lack of Neville Longbottom. If he does not get many minutes of hero screen time for killing Nagini, I am going to be very disappointed. Those two small worries aside, I see no way that this movie can go wrong and cannot wait for this final opportunity to spend time with these characters in their unique and, yes, magical world.

So yes, it is ending and I am sad to see it go, but if this movie lives up to the hype and the good reviews and intense trailers and is as good as it seems it will be, the paid will be a little easier to handle. Each Harry Potter book and movie marked a new period in my childhood, and it seems that Deathly Hallows Part II is just the one that means it’s time to get a job with health benefits. But that isn’t until next week. This weekend is all about Harry and all about seeing a great movie.