Three years ago teens teamed up and took sides in the battle of Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez. All it took was bickering over one adolescent heartthrob, Nick Jonas, and two concurrent airing television shows to spark rivalry amongst the two young starlets. In 2008 they were both in their prime, starring in two of Disney’s biggest hits: Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. The shows enabled the actresses to become triple threats as they ventured into music and film careers. Who takes the win for 2011?

Miley Ray Cyrus
Was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee to Tish and country’s one hit wonder, Billy Ray Cyrus. Multitude of smiles as a baby earned her the nickname “smiley” which was later shortened to Miley. She later changed her middle name to Ray in honor of her grandfather who passed away. Although, it was suspected that she changed her middle name to match her famous father. In earlier years, her father took her to see a production of Momma Mia and it was then that she revealed her desire to act. Struggling actress? Her first role was on Doc, her father’s television show.

At age 11, her family caught news of casting for a new Disney Channel television show called Hannah Montana. She originally sent a tape to play the best friend on the show but she was told that she was too young. A year later, producers asked her to come back and audition for the show. She was cast as the main character; however, producers decided to change the premise of the show by changing the main character’s name to Miley and having her biological father, Billy Ray, cast as the father on the show.

Did Miley get the part because of her acting chops or did the producers see an even bigger vision by having Billy Ray and his daughter, Miley, as key characters on the show? Nevertheless, the show became one of the highest-rated series on basic cable. Miley signed an album deal with Disney and put out a double album with the first half catering to her character on Hannah Montana and the second half debuting herself as a solo artist. She went on to make two films: The Hannah Montana Movie and The Last Song. She also released two additional albums. Currently, Miley just finished her Gypsy Heart Tour where she promoted her 2010 album Can’t Be Tamed.

Controversy Timeline
In 2007 she had a photo on her private MySpace page of her and a female friend sharing a piece of licorice. It looked as though they were almost kissing. In 2008 her e-mail account got hacked and photos were released of her in her underwear. Also, in that same year, she was photographed in Vanity Fair by photographer Annie Leibovitz. She was wrapped in a bed sheet which gave the illusion of her being topless. In 2009 she performed Party in the U.S.A. at the Teen Choice Awards where she was criticized for a brief pole dancing routine on stage. In 2010, TMZ released a video of Miley at 18 smoking with friends out of a bong. Miley claimed that she was smoking the psychoactive plant, Salvia Divinorum.

Selena Gomez
Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas to Hispanic father Ricardo Joel Gomez and to Italian mother Mandy Teefey. Selena gained exposure to the entertainment industry at a young age by watching her mother act and prepare for theater productions. It was that exposure that sparked an interest and on her seventh birthday, her mother took her to her first audition for Barney & Friends where she was cast as Gianna.

In 2004, Selena was discovered by the Disney Channel and she began to advance her career by guest staring in shows such as The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Hannah Montana. Although it was in 2007 when Selena was received one of the main roles on Wizards of Waverly Place. The success of her own show allowed her to do several television movies such as Another Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program, Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

In 2009, she took on more of an adult role and signed on to her first theatrical film in Ramona and Beezus. She also managed to form a band, Selena Gomez and The Scene, with herself as the main vocals with three other male band mates. Her band has released three albums. Currently, Selena’s second theatrical featured Monte Carlo was released July 1 and she is now on tour promoting her 2011 album: When the Sun Goes Down.

Controversy Timeline
In 2007, Wizards of Waverly Placed aired and the media named her the next Miley Cyrus which birthed the battle between the two girls. In 2010, she received death threats from fans when they found out that she was dating pop star Justin Bieber. In May 2011, pop singer Pink fired shots at Gomez for having pink painted horses in her new music video, I Love You Like A Love Song. However, the pink horses never made the final video – the footage was left on the cutting floor due to the controversy.

The Verdict for 2011

Both entertainers are promoting albums this year through musical tours; however, Cyrus is still promoting last year’s album Can’t be Tamed while Gomez is promoting her new 2011 album When the Sun Goes Down. Miley’s controversies appear to be a tortuous screams of adolescent development while Gomez’s controversies are just a mere hyperventilation of the media.

Gomez released Monte Carlo this year alongside Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester. What did Cyrus do in 2011? Oh yeah, she went on tour and promoted her 2010 album. Apparently, Cyrus did not fully finish “partying in the U.S.A.” Selena Gomez completely wins the battle for better in 2011.