Ashton Kutcher and the girl on everyone’s minds, Natalie Por…Oh, oh wait. How could I get No Strings Attached from earlier this year confused with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits? Yes, they’re the same plot; extremely attractive friends who decide sex is possible without emotional commitment and then are met with a whirlwind of romantic comedy clichés. But this one has a girl from That 70’s Show and the other had a boy from That 70’s Show. See completely different movies.

Jamie (Kunis) seeks out Dylan (Timberlake) to head the art department for GQ Magazine, which includes moving from the Golden Coast to the Big Apple. Of course he does and knowing only one person in his new hood, of course Dylan and Jamie become fast friends. Friends that look like those two can’t be friends for long and the bedroom good times begin. A Fourth of July trip that finds Dylan bringing Jamie back to LA to meet his family is where the movie takes some unexpected turns, one with his father which I can’t remember (see it and get the joke) and one expected with the pair. You can guess the ending but what you can’t guess is how it comes to be, so that’s why you have to go and see it, duh.

Nevertheless, Friends With Benefits was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. I sat at my desk all day thinking I’d have to sit down and slander a former boy bander and that broke my heart, but many thank their witty writers and casting directors for taking a  plot we’ve all seen a million times (and this year) and creating a movie that never felt dull.

The only set back that felt a little forced was the references to romantic comedies in general. From the Pretty Woman scene right at the start to the movie within the movie the duo watches throughout, it wasn’t needed. I remember being turned off because of the same thing in Easy A. If you aren’t doing a Not Another Teen Movie or Scary Movie, leave all the references out and focus on your own story.

Justin and Mila are a beautiful pair with an insane onscreen chemistry that will make every viewer want to be involved in a threesome with the two, which can be seen from the commercials that have been playing for the past month. But there’s no one talking about the other stars of the film, who to me, stood out above Justin and Mila when it came to the comedy.

Who knew Emma Stone was even in Friends With Benefits? But her addition was by far the best part of the film and John Mayer will forever be hilarious because of it. Another surprise, Woody Harrelson as the uber gay sports editor of GQ whose constant questioning of Dylan’s sexuality was never not funny, but you couldn’t help but wish Wesley Snipes would’ve popped up with Woody was shooting hoops at one point. Other highlights of the supporting cast were Modern Family’s magical Nolan Gould, Patricia Clarkson as Mila’s bottle tipping “MILF,” and Shaun White as a well, asshole.

So in the end Friends With Benefits may be the same movie as No Strings Attached if you only look at the posters and main idea of the plots, but they’re not and it’s actually a funny film if you don’t get hung up and annoyed with the romantic comedy references like I do. Justin and Mila are cute and handle the romantic, but it’s really the others who round out the comedy portion. And lastly, remember Friends With Benefits isn’t being marketed as the end of an era like Potter, or the next big superhero film…it’s a romantic comedy people. Those movies are meant to be cheesy, not change the movie world.