I dunno guys, maybe best episode of the season so far? I mean, it’s still the top ten, so we’re relatively early on in the show still, but there were some SOLID performances tonight. Plus, we got an appearance from Neil Patrick Harris, which is always a delight. So yeah, top notch stuff! Although, as always, not everything tonight was a shimmering gem.


– SASHA. Oh my god, she was AMAZING tonight. She started off strong, intricately writhing around on the stage in her solo performance, but that was nothing compared to the ridiculously awesome hip hop performance she did with Twitch. Everything about it was perfect, from the throwback song, to the costumes, to the complex choreography. It was just perfect, and hands down the best performance of the season in my opinion.

– Caitlynn’s Argentine tango. I’m not usually one for the ballroom stuff since it often strikes me as a little silly and cartoonish, but Caitlynn’s performance with Pasha was pretty great. She put so much passion and sensuality into it, which was surprising coming from a dancer who’s usually so little girl-ish in her mannerisms. Well done!

– On the topic of ballroom and Pasha, Melanie’s Viennese waltz was another highlight of the night. Maybe it’s just because I love Melanie and she can basically do no wrong in my eyes, but I thought this waltz was great! She took a style that usually seems so stuffy and instead injected a ton of emotion and theatricality into it that’s absent from a lot of other performances. Loved.


– Tadd’s hip-hop performance with Comfort. The judges gave him a bunch of praise, but personally I thought it was pretty flat, and it didn’t seem like he really connected with the song. He kept doing this goofy smile the whole time that seemed kind of incongruous with the more aggressive choreography.

– Mitchell’s Broadway number. Waa waaaaaa. As much as I love Mitchell, I think NPH was right when he said that the routine seemed kind of half-baked, which is unfortunate since that’s mainly the fault of the choreographer and not Mitchell. Still, it was definitely one of the weakest of the night.

Best Quotes

“Marko, you may have lost a partner, but hey, you are dancing with the stars tonight.” – Nigel, in reference to dancing with past contestants. The word “stars” is being used VERY loosely here.

“That was so dark and twisted, in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way.” – Kat re: Ricky’s excellent jazz routine. Good reference, Ms. Deeley.

Elimination Prediction

Based solely on performance alone, I’d say Mitchell is the only one who stood out as being markedly below the others. For the rest, I think it’s just a matter of who is least popular with the audience. So, based on the past, I’d say Jordan and Ricky might be at risk too, although both did admirable jobs tonight. We’ll see though! I feel like the elimination shows this season more than ever have been pretty surprising. Until tomorrow!