This week’s episode of “So You Think You Can Parlay This Into a Viable Career” brought relatively strong performances all around. Well, from most of them anyway. Carmen Electra also showed up to add her monotone lilting two cents to the mix along with ubertwink and Season 2 alumni Travis Wall. Let’s discuss the highs and lows, shall we?


– Melanie and Marko’s jazz routine to Lady GaGa’s “Americano.” These two have seriously stolen my heart over the past few weeks. Not only are they consistently good in their performances, but they also both seem like genuinely nice people, like they could shoot sunshine and rainbows out of their eyes at any moment. Also, this week we learned that Marko used to be a dancer in a cruise ship drag review back in his native Guam, which is all kinds of amazing.

– Ryan and Rickey. Like Melanie and Marko their form is perfect, and I also like how much they commit to the roles they get, regardless of how silly. For example, this week they had to be glam zombie car crash victims, which, objectively, is completely ridiculous. However, they managed to pull it off and make it look good. That takes skill.

– Catelynn and Mitchell. While personally I didn’t think their performance was the most amazing of the night, it was surprising to see how emotional everyone got about it. Mary cried, Mitchell cried, the audience stood up, Carmen Electra modulated her voice slightly. It was crazy!


– Sasha and Alexander. Their hip hop routine was technically good, but was pretty lacking in the passion department. The judges weren’t impressed and neither was this guy.

– Clarice and Jess. I know, I know, broken record over here, “I can’t stand Jess” yadda yadda yadda, but that wasn’t why I didn’t like them this week! Well, I mean, that was part of it, but I also thought the choreography on their contemporary routine was a little bizarre. And not in a good way.

Best Quotes

– “And then I moved to LA and started thrashing. That’s my favorite style.” – Carmen Electra. I don’t know what “thrashing” is, but I imagine it being something like this.

– “I don’t know about you guys but I like a little quirky in my life, AND I LIKE IT ON THE DANCEFLOOR!!!” – Mary, in praise of Ryan and Rickey. So glad her spastic shrieks are back in full-force this season.

Elimination Prediction

I think the bottom three this week is going to be tough. I can definitely see Sasha and Alexander and Ashley and Chris down there, but I think the third couple at risk of going home is still uncertain. Ultimately I don’t think it’ll matter too much though, because I really think it’s going to be 2 out of those four who wind up getting the boot. Tomorrow should be interesting!