The witches are proving to be a big problem for the vampires.

It looks like the spirit inhabiting Marnie and making her cast bad spells on vampires is some Spanish witch who was burned at the stake 400 years ago. Marnie has a dream in which she meets this witch, and Bill makes some reference to a “Spanish massacre” as the reason he sent Eric into the Wiccan group to stop them from practicing necromancy. What this “massacre” was and whether it just involved vampires remains to be seen, but it would seem this witch spirit has a grudge against our favorite blood suckers.

Lafayette, Jesus and Tara convince Marnie to reverse the spell against Eric before Pam kills them all. “Get on your goddamn goddess hotline,” Lafayette insists, but Marnie can’t conjure the spirit very easily, and it frustrates her. But eventually, the spirit comes to her… and just as Pam shows up and is starting to get pissed off, possessed Marnie melts half of the vamp’s face with another spell. I’m expecting big things with this witches angle, hope it pays off.

I’m just wondering what other supernatural beings are left to cause trouble in Bon Temps. Ghosts, I suppose. We haven’t seen any of those yet. Elves, goblins, mermaids – oh, I know, leprechauns!

Meanwhile, after drinking the faerie blood, Eric is, well, intoxicated, giddy and pinching Sookie’s butt. He runs off before Sookie can stop him, so she asks for Alcide’s help as a werewolf to sniff him out the next morning. Sure enough, Eric is going skinny dipping in the nearby creek in broad daylight, fused by the faerie blood. “There’s big gators in there, you crazy Viking,” Sookie yells at him. Of course, it starts to wear off, and Eric starts to burn, but Sookie is there to help.

Down in his cubby hole, safe, Eric seems depressed because he can’t ever see the light of day or see the sunlight in Sookie’s hair. And then they almost kiss. These two need to get it on, pronto – or at least Sookie and Alcide, who she clearly still has the hots for, especially when he takes off his clothes to shift into wolf-mode (as would we all). I’m pretty sure the psycho she-wolf Debbie isn’t going to take kindly to that idea.

Speaking of shifting, Jason is in a world of hurt as it’s pretty clear he’s going to turn into a were-panther at some point soon. He does finally manage to escape his hellish confines, after being raped repeatedly by all the weirdo hillbilly women; he also kills the main alpha kitty. But he’s sick and collapses on the side of the road, found by Hoyt and Jessica, who gives some of her healing vampire blood to him. Don’t think that’s going to work. So glad Jason is out of that ridiculous situation; it was starting to bug me.

The other storyline that’s always been bothersome centers on the white-trash Mickens, Sam’s real family. I understand Sam had to find out where he came from but once he did, couldn’t they just drop it? Guess not. Now Sam’s brother Tommy has stepped back in it, leaving Mrs. Fortenberry’s house to go to see his mama, who he thinks has left his horrible father Joe Lee. Alas, this isn’t the case, and Tommy has now been captured by Joe Lee, so I suppose Sam is going to have to rescue him.

Oh, and the devil baby is back! As Arlene and her kids sleep, Terry holds the baby and tells him he is his daddy, and he’s going to go fishing and hunting with him. He puts the boy down to go into the kitchen and when he comes back, he screams, waking Arlene up, who screams, too. The baby has written on the wall, “Baby Not Yours.” Yikes. I love it.