It sucks to be a vampire in this episode.

Now that Marnie is completely inhabited by 400-year-old Antonia, there’s no stopping this mad witch from bringing all the blood suckers in her near vicinity out into the daylight to their deaths. First, she takes control of vampire sheriff Luis, who was one of the blood suckers who mistreated her during the Spanish Inquisition, and facilitates her escape from Bill’s mansion.

Then she sends Luis in to kill Bill but the attempt goes awry. Now Bill knows about Marnie’s new state of being – and the consequences it will most likely bring. He warns all his sheriffs that all the vamps in the area must leave. Or if they can’t leave, then they must tie themselves down with silver so they will not be forced to walk into the daylight the next morning. This also includes Jessica, who he summons to his house so he can try to protect her personally. And as a kindly gesture, Bill goes over to Sookie’s house to warn Eric. Sookie and Eric are all aglow after a marathon sex session, which you can see bothers Bill. Nonetheless, there’s work to be done as all our favorite vampires are subjected to the pain of being wrapped in silver. It’s kind of gruesome to watch. Go get some faeries, for Christ sakes!

Antonia must recruit more wannabe witches in order to make her spell work – and she starts with Tara, who has managed to escape death at the hands of the rotting Pam once again but had to break up with her girlfriend in order to protect her. Tara is more than willingly to help Antonia when the witch explains she knows a way to protect Tara from vampires forever – but Tara doesn’t really know she’s helping to send them all to their deaths.

Meanwhile, Lafayette is starting believe he might be a strong medium after he is possessed by Jesus’ dead uncle in order to save Jesus from a snake bite. Jesus tells Lafayette “Tio Luca” died years before but had always possessed powerful mojo to heal those around him. And if that didn’t convince Lafayette, later, in Merlotte’s, he sees the same Cajun black lady from last episode, cooing and singing to the devil baby Mikey. Yeah, Lafayette may be the only one to stop Antonia.

Speaking of Merlotte’s, Sam calls Luna to set up a date and is told to f**k off. Confused, Sam goes to see her – and the two figure out it was actually Tommy, not Sam, who slept with Luna the night before and then rudely kicked her out. Ewww. Now it’s Sam’s turn to be royally ticked off. He confronts Tommy, almost chokes him to death but instead throws Tommy’s ass out of the trailer. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Tommy is a bad egg.

Back to the vampires and Antonia, the powerful witch starts to incant the spell with the help of Tara and few others in the group. Soon, Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica are all writhing in their lairs, trying to be free of the silver so they can go to “the sun.”

Bill has a lot of silver on him, while Eric has Sookie to protect him. Only Jessica manages to break her bonds, and she makes her way to the front door. Jason — who as we’ve established has a connection with Jess now – senses she’s in danger and rushes to stop her as well but doesn’t seem to get there in time.

The last shot is of Jessica opening up the door and letting in the bright sunlight. That really would suck if she’s killed off the show.