Sookie is saved once again by Bill’s vampire blood. Damn it, these two are never going to be rid of each other.

After being shot during the vampire-witch skirmish at the cemetery, Sookie is carried back to her house by Alcide – and Bill quickly follows, giving Sookie his precious, healing blood. When she comes to, she immediately asks about Eric (who has now unfortunately become one of Antonia’s lap dogs). Bill assures her he will go look for him, while Alcide leaves in disgust over Sookie’s apparent obsession with the vampires. If Sookie ever does decide to have a fling with this hunky werewolf, I’m telling ya. Instead, she has this rather sexy dream in which she demands that both Bill and Eric be hers – and proceeds to get it on with them in a nice three-way.

Of course, I don’t think she-wolf Debbie would take too kindly to Sookie and Alcide getting together. In fact, rather than ask Alcide about why he helped Sookie… AGAIN, Debbie finds a V dealer, downs a small vile and heads over to Sookie’s house. It looks like Debbie might be reverting to her psychotic ways, but she maintains her composure and tries to befriend Sookie, who is skeptical but finally believes Debbie sincerity. Ha!

Meanwhile, the witches regroup at the MoonGoddess emporium — and Antonia is raring to keep going after the vampires, especially at the upcoming Vampire-Human Tolerance convention. Antonia plans to use lap dog Eric as her “muscle” and go after King Bill. Tara and the others, however, are no longer impressed with Antonia and her warring ways and want out. It’s too late; Antonia isn’t letting any of them leave.

Across town, Lafayette, who has been inhabited by the ghost Mavis, has walked into Hoyt’s house with a gun and baby Mikey, insisting this is where she lives. Hoyt runs out and calls Jason to explain the situation, and as they all rush over, no one understands why Lafayette would do this. No one, that is, but Jesus, who realizes Lafayette has been possessed and gets to the heart of the matter; Mavis has unresolved business. We hear her sad tale about how her white lover killed her baby – and then her – burying them both in the backyard. All Mavis wants is to hold her baby one last time, so Jesus and the others dig up the bones and hand Mavis the baby. Her spirit leaves Lafayette and with the baby in her arms, she thanks Lafayette and the two fade away. OK, that’s sweet and all, but when is Lafayette going to go head-to-head with Antonia?

As they all leave Hoyt’s house, Jason stays behind and helps him clean up. Hoyt hands Jason a box of Jessica’s things and tells him to give it to her. Actually, Hoyt calls it the “monster box,” but when Jason goes over to Bill’s house where Jessica is staying to give it to her, he leaves that part out. Instead, the two end up having sex in the back of Jason’s truck.

Speaking of sex, Sam – I mean, the REAL Sam — takes Luna and Emma camping as a way to escape Marcus’s wrath, and Sam and Luna finally make proper love. Meanwhile, Marcus is looking for Sam at Merlotte’s – and finds Tommy instead. Marcus gives Tommy a message for Sam, to meet him later that night. Now Tommy sees a chance to prove himself to Sam again, so he shows up as Sam – and gets the living crap beat out of him. Alcide is there and stops the beating, taking the bloodied Tommy away (who shifted back as he was getting hit).

Back to Sookie and Debbie, they infiltrate the MoodGoddess Emporium, where Sookie finds a spellbound Eric.  But Antonia catches them, and in a moment of confusion, Tara communicates to Sookie that the wiccans are being held there against their will and that Antonia plans to attack the vampire tolerance rally. Debbie and Sookie escape and head to Shreveport. Sookie to the rescue!

At the rally, while Nan and Bill share vampire facts and inspirational stories, Antonia and Eric show up and lure the vampire sheriffs there to protect the rally into a trap. Antonia places them under the same spell, and as Bill starts his speech, the vampires kill the event’s human guards, sending the human crowd into a panic. Amid the chaos, Eric is commanded to kill Bill, just as Sookie rushes in, screaming, “Run!”