Ah, the “unconventional” challenge, that time-honored Project Runway tradition where the wannabe designers are forced to make passable outfits out of non-traditional materials. Groceries, tools, hardware, medical waste, all kinds of things! This time around, the contestants have to make outfits out of items bought at a pet store, and as always, some people did some really interesting stuff, some people did some really boring safe stuff, and some people just made utter crap.

The producers didn’t really beat around the bush with this episode and pretty much start off at the pet store. Before everyone charges in, Tim warns them not to play it safe with traditional fabric items. Most people heed his warning and pick out some interesting items like pet bedding, seeds, and aquarium tubes. However, Bert is all “I have immunity so whatever y’all” and just picks out the most fabric-like items in the store. Dude is totally phoning it in.

Everyone makes their purchases and after Tim thanks the pet store (“Thank you Pet Discount Plus” just doesn’t have the same ring as “Thank you, Mood!”) they head back to Parsons to start working. Sketch sketch sketch, sew sew sew, ambiguous critiques from Tim, and now it’s time for the first fitting with the models. At this point you can sort of tell who’s doing well and who’s not. If he pulls it off, Anthony’s seeds-as-beading dress is going to look awesome, and I’m seriously feeling Joshua McKinley’s electric technicolored look. Olivier’s hamster bedding and faux-wool dog bed outfit also looks amazing (although WTF is up with his accent? I think he’s trying to affect a British accent since he said he moved to the UK from Ohio when he was 16, but he just winds up sounding Singaporean with a speech impediment.).

Some other people are not faring so well. Bryce’s wee-wee pad dress is not looking so hot, Joshua C’s dress is looking mighty hookery, and Anya’s top is barely put together. Also, although the idea was good, Laura “I’ve been in Neiman’s since I was in single digits” Kathleen’s opaque dog cone skirt winds up looking a little more see-through than planned, so she scraps it for a cardboard cat scratch post dress instead. Will she make it through?

Sew sew sew, work work work, time for the fashion show! Anya and Laura actually wind up pulling things together to create pretty cute looks, and they along with a slew of other not-bad-but-not-great contestants get dismissed back to the stew room. However, before they head back Heidi is all “Bert, you’re really lucky you have immunity because your outfit was fugly,” and he’s all “Yeah” and then laughs.

Anyway they head off, leaving the best and the worst. In the top are Olivier for his gorgeous modern fleece and wood chips ensemble, Joshua McKinley for his awesome Technicolor go-go number, and Anthony for his walking bird-feeder confection. In the bottom are Bryce for his wee-wee pad mess which the judges crapped all over (Ha! Get it? Crapped! Wee wee pads!), Josh C for his conventional snoozefest, and Fallene for her bland design and poor color choices.

Olivier is announced the winner for his dress and although it was awesome, personally I liked Joshua McKinley’s look the best (and so did Heidi). The three best are sent back to celebrate, and the bottom three are dressed down one more time. Fallene’s colors were bad and the judges didn’t like how she kept agreeing with them about how terrible her outfit was, Bryce’s design was a complete mess, and Joshua C’s look was completely boring and unoriginal.

Ultimately the judges decide that slightly interesting mess and hideous color choices are better than safe and boring, and Joshua C is sent home. Poor guy, he seems nice, but really, two weeks in a row of boring blandness is pretty indefensible. Best of luck, Joshua! At least you got an (almost) tearful goodbye from Tim! That’s something, right?

Next week’s episode promises Heidi in stilts and Kim Kardashian, so it should be pretty freaking epic. Get excited, everyone!

So what do you all think? Were the results justified, or should someone else have been sent home? Discuss!