So this is it, everyone! After so many weeks it comes down to this! Tonight, someone will be crowned America’s. Next. Top. Dance. Person. After which they’ll go on to… dance…places? Seriously, what do these people win? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I feel like they’ve never mentioned it? Like, do they get some sort of dance contract? Dancing in a Beyonce video? I don’t know, point is, this is a big deal! Culmination of months of hard work and all that. Time to find out who won!

After two hours of filler performances, that is. The episode starts with a bizarre group number where all the contestants dress up like goth bondage storks and leap across the stage. UGH! So typical! It’s like you can’t throw a Lady Gaga platform boot without hitting a bondage goth stork routine! Think outside the box, you guys!

Once that’s over, the super-sized panel of judges are introduced: Sonya Tayeh, Lil’ C, Robin Antin, Tyce DiOrio, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (<3) are all there to help Nigel and Mary with their critiques. Well actually, they’re mainly there to be say-nice-things-ers, since there’s not really going to be any judging tonight. Either way, it’s good to see all of them! Jesse tells Marko, Tadd, Melanie, and Sasha that they’re all stars, which is not true but is a nice thing to say. Nigel apologizes to the boys for telling them they had no chance of winning during Wednesday’s show which again, is a nice thing to say, but kinda too late since America’s already voted. Oh well! Nice knowing you, guys!

On to the filler “judges favorites” portion of the show!
– Nigel’s pick: Marko and Melanie’s Nappytabs routine. (Loved that one.)
– Robin McFishlip’s pick: Tadd and Lauren’s Mandy Moore Jazz routine. (Also a great choice.
– Lil’ C’s pick: Robert and Miranda’s Nappytabs woodpecker routine. (Meh)
– Cat’s pick (CAT GET’S A PICK! YAY!): The top 8 circus routine. (Silly then, silly now, and VERY silly that this is Cat’s favorite.)
– Jesse’s pick: Marko and Allison’s Sonya routine.
– Tyce’s pick: Sonya’s Geisha top 10 girls performance. (Ok/borderline racist dance, TERRIBLE song.)

Short reprieve! Time to announce the first person going home. Drumroll please: It’s Tadd! Shocker! Jaykay, not shocking at all. Tadd’s gracious about it, and we get to see a nice montage of all his greatest hits. I wish him well! He seems like a genuinely nice boy.

After a plug for the Glee 3D movie (No thanks), it’s more greatest hits!
– Lil’ C: Chris and Ashley’s jailhouse dance. (Meh.)
– Nigel: Sasha and Twitch because DUH! OF COURSE! I’ma let you finish, but Sasha and Twitch had the best dance routine of all time! (Good topical reference.)
– Someone’s pick (Robin’s? Sonya’s?): Top 10 guys evil red door salesman routine. (A little weird but I can get into it. Doors! Creative! Also, Alexander should rethink the bleached hair. So not the look).
– Jesse: Caitlynn and Pasha’s tango.
– Tyce: Melanie and Marko being statues. (Loved this. I could watch these two sitting on a couch watching TV and I’d be into it. Marko and Melanie for co-president!)

Enough filler! It’s time for the main event! Marko, Melanie, and Sasha are called out, and after a tense few seconds it’s announced that Marko will also be going home. Again, totally not much of a surprise, but Marko handles it well and we see another good montage. (Was it just me, or did Marko’s mom look PISSED at the results?)

This is it! Who will it be? Sasha or Melanie? Honestly, it’s pretty tense since both of them are phenomenal dancers and both have a huge fan following. However, Cat announces that with a whopping 40+ percent of the vote, Melanie is the winner of the season! At the announcement, Melanie completely loses it and starts crying and sobbing, and everyone rushes the stage and lifts her into the air. Melanie! Melanie! Melanie! I’m happy with the results. Melanie was definitely the best technical dancer of the bunch, but beyond that she also just seems like a really nice person. Since the winner is largely symbolic, I’m glad they gave it to her. Besides, Sasha won’t have any trouble getting work after this because she’s awesome. Win-win, right?

So that’s the season! See you next summer, Cat and judges! What do you guys think? Was Melanie’s win deserved? Do you think they should have brought Jess back and crowned him winner instead? (JK nobody thinks that.) Discuss amongst yourselves!